September 30, 2008

Corn Maze Freebies

My friend Laurie asked me to do some clipart for her for a digital scrapbooking kit she's making. She just posted the Freebies so make sure you go check it out.
I sent her this:
And she made this:

Isn't that amazing! Be sure to jump over to her blog here and pick up the Freebies!

4 super cool people speak:

Brittney said...

I love your artwork! So cute.

Mama Smith said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mama Smith said...

LOVE IT!!! I am always looking for FALL scrapbook our traditional "Thanksgiving" Campouts!!! (smile) You BOTH are TWO VERY TALENTED ARTISTS!!! (smile)

Garvin Smith said...

See, Scupper,
You can generate ideas and concepts!

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