August 31, 2008

Memorable Moments

...some good and some, well, not so good.

GOOD: Friday morning I was feeling pretty sick and dizzy so I was sitting on the edge of my bed. Savannah come up and asks me for something. I asked her to just give me a second because I was feeling sick. As I was trying to shake the white lights from my eyesight, I notice Savannah look at me for a second, then go and squat down behind the foot board of my bed where I can hear her whispering. A moment later she re-appears and says, "There mom, I just said a prayer that you would feel all better. Do you feel better now?" Smiling at her thoughtfulness I said,
 "Yes, I am feeling a little better, thanks!" That was obviously NOT a satisfactory answer because she ordered me to close my eyes because we were going to say a prayer together that I would feel better. So, doing as I was told, I folded my arms and Savannah said a somewhat lengthy and random prayer but she did mention that I needed to feel better. When she was done she looks at me and again asks, "Do you feel all better now mom?" Well, physically no, but I was in a much better mood so I said, "Yes". She gives me a big smile and a hug then says, "Okay mom, you can get my drink now!"

NOT SO GOOD: I was trying to get some laundry done so I was a bit preoccupied. Noticing that the boys are missing I quickly picked up their laughter coming from the other bathroom. I rush in there to find Joseph and Jacob dunking my hairbrushes and curling irons into the toilet. Seeing that I was obviously upset, Joseph takes of running while Jacob just gives me a huge smile. I step forward to grab my things from Jacob when my feet encounter the toilet water that they had managed to get all over the floor. Ick.

GOOD: "Mommy?" I look up to find Savannah standing before me in all her birthday glory. "Mom, I need to get baptized in the water in the bathtub." Trying desperately not to laugh (she hates when I laugh at her) I say, "Baptized, huh? Well, you aren't quite old enough to get baptized yet. But you can play in the bathtub if you want." She replies, "Ya. I want to get in the water, but I need to be baptized too." When I go into the bathroom, Joseph is struggling viciously to get his clothes off while saying through gritted teeth, "Need baptize, need baptize." It was pretty funny. Hopefully at some point we will get this whole baptized thing straightened out.  

NOT SO GOOD: Often, when I give Jacob a snack, I just place it of the wood bench that we have at the kitchen table. It is easy for him to reach and he can run back and forth between playing and eating. I had placed a handful of Chex cereal there which Jacob was munching on. I left for a second and when I came back, there was Joseph, stepping and jumping on the cereal. He would then sit down on the table and kick the crumbs onto the floor. Oh, and this was done with both boys laughing hysterically.

DEPENDS: I had just made a bowl of super yummy bean dip for the tortilla chips, which all the kids loved by the way, and set it on the table. Well, Joseph decided for a moment that he was a dog.

3 super cool people speak:

Brittney said...

oh man, that post was hilarious!!! I think someone said in church Sunday that they were trying to change their attitude about parenting and grab the camera instead of getting upset. I think you're doing a good job of that :)

Heidi said...

These are great. I think the kids will love these stories in a few years. And you, too!

Mama Smith said...

These will be "treasured" the years..."ahead"....(smile) In the meantime..."GRANDPARENTS" can enjoy them NOW!!! (smile)

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