August 17, 2008

Weekend Adventures

This weekend was the Summer Heiner Family Reunion. We had a really good time. We camped at the base of Black Mountain Friday night and spent Saturday morning and afternoon riding four-wheelers and hanging out.
Oh, and this trip has made up my mind. I HAVE to get a new camera. I had to delete about half my pictures because they didn't turn out and most of the others are messed up in some way. So, I apologize for the poor picture quality in most of these. It makes me quite sad, a bunch of cute, priceless photos ruined by a dumb camera! Grrrr...

Luke and the boys slept in the back of our car while Savannah and I shared a bed in one of the campers. It was so nice!

The kids going for a ride in the "train".

Jacob... what a clean-up crew!

Joseph being a bit pouty.

5 of the 7 cool sister-in-laws. Wow, I have some serious morning hair going on!

Daddy taking the boys out for a ride.

I love his smile!

Uncle Cliff brought his two little kiddy four-wheelers. You can see they are the perfect size for kids.

Poor Savannah, she wanted to ride one so badly. So, Cliff and I put her on on, showed her the buttons and how it worked, then she pushed the accelerate button and she took off. I started yelling at her to let go of the button but she kind of panicked and turned instead. She flipped that thing over and landed pretty hard. I was just so glad that it didn't roll over her or anything. She was pretty shaken up. But I told her if she wanted to get back on I would ride with her and teach her how to drive it. I was actually pretty surprised when, still whimpering, she climbed right back on. By the end of the day, she could drive that thing pretty well.

Taking Joseph for a spin.

Cheetos-faced Jacob on his turn. By the time we were done giving rides, my bum was pretty darn sore! Those seats were definitely made for little-people behinds.

Joseph watching Uncle Kerry pack up his dirt bike. Okay, so I just have to say, every time one of the brothers gets their very loud dirt bike engines going, they ride up to one of the other brothers, revs the engine, and grins. That's all they do, rev and grin, rev and grin! I swear I've seen them all do it. They even start the bikes just to compare engine noises. I don't quite understand the excitement.  They all sound the same to me... loud.

After we packed up camp and made it back to the house (aka Grandma Heiner's house) some of us decided we were up for a hike. So, we drove up to the Intermittent Springs. Its a natural spring that "turns on and off" about every 12 - 18 minutes. Pretty Interesting. The hike was very pretty. It was easy and short, up until we got to the springs that is.

Savannah and Cambry throwing rocks into the river.

Umm, smile Savannah!

So, this is at the base of the springs. Right around that curve the trail gets very narrow and very vertical. I was panting by the time I scaled my way up to the top.
Poor Uncle Bobbie carrying Savannah and Hannah, they were getting tired they said.

The group that came hiking. This is at the very top and right behind us is where the water comes out. But it wasn't coming at the moment... obviously. 

Savannah was getting pretty tired and she wanted to go down before every one else was done. So we started down and down is harder than up. Just as we started down, the water started flowing. Well, I have to say, I was a little nervous, being 16 weeks pregnant, carrying my 40 pound child on my back, scaling my way down a very narrow and very vertical, rocky descent with a waterfall roaring next to me. But, we made it just fine. Although, I think my back is still hurting from that.

Me and Savannah

You know, I didn't even think to put any sunscreen on. Lets just say that today, I look like a freshly roasted lobster. Okay, maybe not quite that back, but I'm feeling the burn alright. 

So, we had a good time. Today, Luke's sister Heather blessed her little baby girl Allie. Well, her husband did, but, you know what I mean. Hmmm, I'm not sure if I spelled her name right. Jacob was pretty tired, he fussed and cried most of the day. Sacrament meeting was especially, umm, interesting. The boys about did me in. Thank goodness for daddys! Savannah fell asleep on the way home, it must have been about 5:30pm or so. She didn't wake up when we got home so we just put her to bed. So, the kids sure played hard and had fun! Yea! 

3 super cool people speak:

Mama Smith said...

What a GREAT experience for your family....FAMILY REUNIONS...LOVE IT!!!

Brittney said...

Fun stuff!! You are superwoman carrying Savannah down a steep trail while being pregnant.

Heidi said...

It looks like it was a lot of fun. And very beautiful there!

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