August 26, 2008

Huh, What?

Darkness, sweet darkness. All is quiet, I'm warm and snug in my bed and boy am I exhausted! I close my eyes, anticipating sleep. Waiting, waiting... I hear soft snoring next to me. Dang! How does he do that! He just said goodnight, what, 8 seconds ago? Men... how come they inherit that magic gift? 
I flip over, trying not to squish my belly yet craving the feeling of lying on my stomach. I fish around on the floor for a second and find another pillow. I prop it up under my right side just enough to take the pressure off my belly. Ah, that's nice. Time for sleep... hmm, what time is it? 
I know its been a while, did I sleep, did I not sleep? I try to look at the clock but Luke had covered it up so the light wouldn't bother him. I toss and turn for a while, finally finding a semi-comfortable position to sleep in. I think I fell asleep, did I? I can't really tell, but Savannah is crying out for me so, slowly, feeling like someone has punched me in the back and drugged me, I drag myself out of bed to go see Savannah. She had a bad dream. We say a prayer, asking that she won't have bad dreams anymore, I give her a few ideas of what to dream about, ponies, fairy princesses, candy... whatever my groggy mind can possibly pull out of the depth of surrealism. However, I am awake enough to recognize that my words are slightly slurred just from being so tired. She tries to convince me that I need to sleep with her but, having slept with her many times before I know I certainly wouldn't get any sleep and would probably end up with an elbow in the face or a foot in the gut. (has she been taking lessons from her father or something?) She settles for a stuffed animal instead and I crawl back into the bedroom. 
Is he still snoring? Lucky, I wish I could figure out how to snore so I wouldn't hear anything either! Oh well, time for bed. Huh, what? Wait, Luke is leaving for work already? No, that can't be, I just fell asleep, or that's what it feel like. (sigh) Oh well, time to get up!

Now on a completely different topic, guess what! Two whole days and not a single movie has been played in our home! For me, this is huge, I mean like, colossal!  My kids usually watch at least one a day so I can get things done or just so I can breathe for a moment or two, but I am determined to change that. Not the breathing part, just the watching movies part. So, no movies at all. I even unplugged the TV so they couldn't turn it on. Whew! Monday was a nightmare, today, much better.

Alright, so, I guess that's not entirely true. Luke wanted to take the kids to see Kung Fu Panda, so we did. But I don't count that since it wasn't seen at home.  =)  What I saw of the show (eh hem, Jacob) I liked it! When we got back in the car Joseph was sitting in his seat punching and waving his hands all over the place while making funny noises. Great, I think we just gave him more material to work with. Oh well, what can you do, he is a monkey after all.

2 super cool people speak:

Brittney said...

You describe the no sleep thing so well!!! It sounds terrible! I have to say it's not just men who are blessed with being able to fall asleep quickly. I am very lucky to have that gift, and I am hoping it won't EVER leave me.

Just curious what made you change your mind on the movie thing? Was it education week? How do you keep the kiddos entertained now so you can get things done? (I'm just storing up future mom wisdom).

Mama Smith said...

GREAT DECISION, SARAH!!!! (movie thing) I have given up 40 days of "computer" that inbetween stuff...can't believe...what I am filling up INBETWEEN!!! GOOD STUFF!!! your pregnancy years...little children...teenagers...hmmm...then,you can get a good night lay awake thinking of how to handle your "callings"...(smile)

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