August 28, 2008

A Little Touch of Randomness

Did I miss the memo that it was national hat day?
Okay, I know that looks gross but its just Stuffed Pasta Shells with spinach in it.The only way my kids will eat their potatoes is if they make "potato babies". This can be done by taking a handful of potato and mashing it into a ball. Umm, not that I would teach them something like that... cough.
These pictures were taken at a water party given by the Public Library.Quick, eat the Cheetos before someone else does!Oh come on, can a belly get any cuter than that? I don't think so!
Okay, if I knew exactly what was going on here I would tell you. All I know is that Savannah was taping a piece of construction paper over Joseph's belly button.

The "N" Word
Okay, just a quick note on your question, Brittany, about what I am changing in my kid's diets. Well, I'm going to avoid going into depth about this because nutrition is one of those topics where everyone has an opinion and everyone "knows" that they are right. So I will try to avoid stating my opinion on things.  =) 
For me, my health kicks come and go depending on the circumstances of the times. Lately I have been buying tons of convenient foods which makes it easy to feed the kids and be done with it. Well, they aren't called convenient foods for nothing. So, I'm back to changing that. I'm starting with simply making sure my kids drink more water. My kids HATE water, so its kind of tricky. They would live on milk and juice if I let them. Also, at lunch and dinner I set out a plate of raw veggies with some dip. I don't say anything about it, I don't tell them they have to eat some, but inevitably, the plate is almost gone at the end of the meal.  The funny thing about it is they each have their one veggie that they will eat, but hey, I'm not complaining. And I FINALLY found a whole foods cookbook that doesn't call for strange ingredients and psycho spices and things. So I have started cooking from that. Its always hard to start a whole new way of eating. It takes time and often some money up front. Which is why we are starting out really easy and simple. No more frozen stuff, so there goes a huge portion of my convenient foods. No more fruit snacks, certain types of crackers, treats are limited again, just stuff like that. I finally just decided that it was worth it to put in a little extra time and make a little extra mess to make sure my kids ate healthy than to deal with the mood swings and grouchiness that comes from my kids eating junk. 
Well, I have restrained myself rather well I think. I hope that is a satisfactory answer?

3 super cool people speak:

Mama Smith said...

You GO GIRL!!! Finally someone in the family...who...sees the benefits of "living the 'Word of Wisdom'...(smile)

Brittney said...

I think that's awesome!! Way to go!!

Sara Lyn said...

So you like that cookbook? Mom and I are still interested in getting it. Should we?

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