August 4, 2008

Imminent Destruction

Wow, a whole week and a half without blogging! That's a record for me. I think I even went through withdrawals the first few days. A lot has happened in the last week so I will probably post a lot here the next couple of days.
Well, our trip to Utah was lots of fun and very destructive, as you will soon see. Here's our trip in a nut-shell, and sorry, I have little to no pictures from our trip, thanks to our broken camera.

Stop 1: The Elliot Residence (Saturday - Tuesday)

After only a half hour of sleep, Luke and I left our apartment Saturday morning at 2 am to drive down to the Salt Lake airport (a three-hour drive) where I dropped Luke off for his flight to South Carolina. We had to switch drivers once because we had a hard time staying awake. The kids of course, stayed awake for a while after we first put them into the car so by the time I made it back to Sarah's house (my friend from Florida) they were all pretty grumpy. What a way to start a trip. They were grumpy most of our stay there and I should have been prepared for the imminent destruction, but I wasn't.
The Elliot's have two boys, Ephraim, who is almost 3 years old, and Jacob who just turned 1. Well, Ephraim and my Joseph make a terrible combination. Now when I say that, I mean they get along great but they have a knack for getting into trouble, lots of trouble.

1. Glass Jar
Last time we paid my friends a visit, Ephraim and Joseph had gone down into the basement and had a jar breaking party with their food storage. Not wanting that to happen again, Sarah put all the glass away... except for for one box. Being slightly hidden, she didn't think the boys would find it. Wrong. I think they just sniffed it out. Luckily, Sarah caught them only after one jar was broken, but still, I couldn't believe it happened again!
2. Changing Table
Also down in the basement was a changing table that someone had given to Sarah. Well, the boys thought it was perfect for climbing up onto so the could then jump off onto the air mattress on the ground. They broke one of the shelves.
3. Child Proof Lock
Now, I'm not exactly sure if it was Savannah or Joseph who broke it, but they were trying to get to the kids movies but there was a child lock on it, which they broke off of course. Hmm, not very child-proof.
4. Indoor Sticky Pool
And last, but by no means least, right before we left their house on Tuesday afternoon, Sarah and I were having one final chat back in the bedroom where I had just collected the last of my things when we hear Spencer yell, "Ephraim!!" So, out we sprint to find Ephraim, Joseph and Jacob playing in a pool of milk and Carmel ice cream topping that the boys pulled out of the fridge.
AHHH! Come on, it was just getting ridiculous! So after quick baths I loaded them up into the car before anything else bad could happen. Anyway, here our a couple pictures from our stay.

Savannah wearing a very flashy parrot costume she found down in the basement.

Jacob and Ephraim... need I say more?

Savannah being cute

A picture Savannah took and me and Jacob

So, we drove away in our car with no air conditioning in 97 degree weather and after a couple of quick stops in Salt Lake and Draper, We landed in Lehi at the Pittards house, a family that use to live in Florida who were good friends of my family.

Stop 2: The Pittard Residence (Tuesday - Saturday)

The Pittards were awesome to let us come stay with them. They are one of the best families ever! Its kind of crazy to see little kids who you use to babysit that are now teenagers! They have 7 super cute children and a fun house with a fenced yard, and a trampoline, so my kids had a blast!
Since there house is pretty well child-proofed and with all the older children around, my kids didn't get into too much trouble... except maybe one or twice.

1. The Muddy Garden
This incident wasn't too bad, but still, it was messy. My sister Rebekah and her boyfriend came up from Orem to say hi. After dinner everyone went outside. The Pittards have a small garden next to their house so I was helping to pick raspberries and pull some weeds while the kids were occupied playing in the sprinkler and with water guns. After a while, Joseph decided he didn't want to play anymore so he come over to the garden. Now, Cindy (the mom) had just turned all the dry dirt into mud so as to make the weed pulling easier. While I had my back to Joseph trying to reach some berries, he walks up behind my and accidentally kicks my nice big bowl of raspberries into the mud. Go figure. So, I picked them all up while trying to keep Joseph from taking a nice little muddy swim. He did however, manage to get dirty and me along with them. Thank goodness for bathtubs.
2. Nail Polish
Oh my, this one was bad. It was Saturday morning, I was cleaning and packing, getting ready to leave, Luke was back from his trip but he was out getting something checked out on our new car and everything seemed calm. All of sudden, there is a big ruckus coming from the master bathroom. I go in to see what was happening and I about croaked. 
First off, you need to know that their bathroom has carpet on the floor. Anyway, so there was Savannah and their five year-old daughter Rachel, standing buck naked, each one in front of a sink with the water running and they are all wet. They said they were taking little baths. Well, it was evident by the amount of water squishing out of the carpet that they had been at this for some time.
Next thing I see, is Cary (the dad) holding Joseph, whose feet was COVERED in dark pink nail polish. Apparently, Rachel had left out the bag of polish and Joseph had found it and decided to give himself a manicure. It was then I noticed the dark pink spots on the carpet, Joseph had also succeeded in getting some on the floor. 
ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Just shoot me in the foot and poke my eye out while you're at it! Nail polish on the carpet? I was ready to shrivel up into a little bug so they could squish me. They assured me that their own kids had done it plenty of times and that they are going to replace the carpet anyway. That did make me feel a teeny tiny better, but still... why!? We were just getting ready to leave! (sigh) I just can't win!

Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures, but the first night we stayed there my sister and her friend stopped by. This is a clip of them stuffing fake fruit down Jacob's pants and getting him to dance to the music on my sister's cell phone.

We also stopped by Wymount to see some of our old friends, and this was the only picture I took, Jacob laying on the cement, eating Cheetos. But the kids had a blast swimming and playing. It was fun to see everyone again, I'm just sad I didn't take more pictures.

3rd stop: The Heiner Residence (Saturday - Sunday)

We stopped off in Logan to see Luke's brother and their family. With the exception of Joseph pulling poop out of his diaper and being so tired he cried for a couple hours, things went rather well while we were there. But I do have one funny thing to tell.

1. Tic Tacs
I had bought a bunch of Tic Tacs for something to suck on. The kids love them as well, especially shaking them to make noise. So, I have to keep them hidden. Anyway, Joseph, for some reason and I have no clue why, calls them "bidets". So yesterday, while in church, he goes rummaging through the diaper bag saying, "Want more bidets! Bidet Bidet!" I just started laughing! (If you have no idea what a bidet is just google it so you can see the humor in the story as well)

So, there's our trip in a nut shell. I'll be sure to post more soon!

3 super cool people speak:

Mama Smith said...

Welcome HOME!!!! Missed seeing what my grandchildren have been up to...!!!! (smile)

Heidi said...

All of that is priceless. I nominate you for patient mom of the year.

Jenny said...

So I am finally looking at your blog and I see where Bekah is trying to get Jacob to dance... I just wanted to let you know that MY son loves to dance and doesn't need to TRY. :) If I could ever get the computer to take the video, I will post it and you will see.

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