August 9, 2008

In the "Mood"

It rarely happens, especially since having kids. But when it does, you're full of energy, your heart's pumping, you probably even work up a sweat. Music is playing in the background, the smell of chemicals are in the air... of course I'm talking about cleaning! 
Yesterday, I was in the "mood". I just feel the need to celebrate since I cleaned every single room in the apartment! In truth, I pick up a lot, do the basic necessities, but I rarely clean. This is because when I clean, it has to be perfect. Every last little thing put in its place, every corner scrubbed, every surface dusted. Its almost sick how perfect everything has to be which is why it rarely happens, especially more than one room at a time!
Savannah was bugging me to go play outside but instead I told her she could come clean the bathrooms with me. She was so excited! I think she mostly just wanted to wear the cool gloves. But she did a good job!

When we made it to the second bathroom, Savannah insisted on scrubbing the tub by herself. I couldn't resist taking this picture.
I didn't want her smelling harsh chemicals so I just used baking soda and dish soap on the tubs (don't think I'm strange, it does an AWESOME job) and white vinegar on the sinks and counters (which works wonders on soap scum). Also, baby wipes with a little bit of cleaner sprayed directly onto them does great for toilets and floors. 

When we were done I told her we could have some Ice Cream. She informed me that she didn't want Ice Cream, she wanted chocolate milk! I thought she was crazy but, whatever. When she was done with her chocolate milk she said, "Okay mom, I'm done with my drink! Now I need Ice Cream!"  Clever girl.
And I just have to say, I think I am very brave to post pictures of myself when I'm not wearing any make-up. 

4 super cool people speak:

Heidi said...

No make up? Couldn't tell at all. Yay you (and Savannah) for cleaning!

Mama Smith said...

Tell Savannah...I have PLENTY of ROOMS for her to clean...After cleaning 6,000 sq. ft. she will be cured FOREVER!!!! (of cleaning, that is) (smile)

The Wood Family said...

You are such a fun Mom. And thanks for the tip on how to clean bathtubs... baking soda? Great idea. And I think ending a day of cleaning with ice cream is perfect. Oh, and Serene... no one could tell you didn't have make up on!!!!!!

E said...

1. You have time for makeup?!?! I sure don't I have a Sunday face and a the-rest-of-the-week face:)
2. If I looked as cute as you do pregnant, I would be pregnant all of the time!
3. I wish I had energy to clean--maybe Savannah could come teach Eliza a couple of things!

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