October 7, 2012

Labor Day Weekend and Savannah's Baptism - Part 3

I am well aware that a lot of time has passed between posts. But every time I sit down to edit photos, either my walls get redecorated, baby-with-crayon style, or my floors obtain a new look, crushed goldfish to be exact.
I hate goldfish.
And cheerios.
And juice.
I'll stop now.
Anyway, for those of you who are lost, you can catch up on PART 1 and PART 2. Then all of this will make sense.
Not that anything I write makes sense to begin with. Maybe that's why readers are dropping of like flies in the winter.
Okay, so maybe it's just that I haven't been writing a whole lot.
Please refer to the beginning of this post to understand why.
Okay then, back to our Labor Day weekend.
After the fun-filled Saturday we had, I thought for sure the kids would sleep in... even if it was just a little.
Seriously, such wishful thinking is hazardous for ones health.
Sunday brought with it all our morning glory. 
Claira, how do you do it? I mean, your hair doesn't even look like you slept on it!

Speaking of hair.

Now I know where I inherited mine from!
Wait... just I just admit that? Eh hem... aaaaawwwwkwaaaaard...
Oh come on people, I'm joking!
Kind of.

And here we are. Eating. Again.

And again.

Some people's kids. Geesh! Who's in charge of teaching manners around here anyway!?

Why are you all looking at me?

All morning long, our book stash was raided. Books coated the living room floor, dripped down the stairs, and puddled at the bottom.

I loved it.

Granny reading stories.

Speaking of stories, I told about the first time Hubby and I kissed.

Okay, that is so NOT true.

We kissed in his truck, over the bucket seat divider while parked in our apartment parking lot.

We scream romance around here.

But hey, at least our kids are adorable!

I confess, I wish I had her haircut.

Just hangin' out.

Savannah was a big hit with the twins.
Jared, I confess to you now. I have been purposefully cutting off your head as much as possible.
You're a great brother-in-law and all, but I find your shaved head... mildly disturbing.
I hope we can still be friends.
My sister Angel and sister-in-law Annie.

I'm trying really hard not to hate them for being cuter than me.

Getting some fresh beans ready for slow cooking in the roaster oven while we're at church.


My pretty, pretty Savannah in her new white dress.

Soon we were off to church.

Three hours later, my dad was showing the kids how to shuck corn. They all wanted to know what that meant and kept trying to repeat it.

It became rather obvious that the kids needed to say "peel the corn" instead.

Don't let your mind dwell on the why too much. Shuck can be a rather hard word for a toddler to say after all.

Just think about how adorable my twin nieces are instead.

After a another huge meal, it was time to relax.

But what started out like this,

ended like this.

There were probably about, six photos of me sleeping.

It's nice to know my family has my back and are always trying to capture my good side.

After a couple more hours of random conversation focused on everything you can think of, we slowly drifted off to bed.

Early Monday morning, my family was off and headed for their homes.

Fifteen loads of laundry later, Tuesday brought with it life's regular routines.

But it had been an amazing weekend. Thank you to all who came to share it with us!

Next time though, I would appreciate it if Angel didn't make eight batches of fudge then leave half of it behind for me.

My jeans and I would thank you.

Next time, only bring four... maybe five.
                                                               The End

7 super cool people speak:

Mama Smith said...

Absolutely LOVED YOUR POST!!!!! Made my MONDAY MORNING!!!!! YES...now, I can take on the day!!!!! Who says..."Blah, Monday mornings!" I have a SMILE ON MY FACE...because I got to see ALL OF YOURS and my AWESOME FAMILY! LOVE YOU!

Amy said...

I'm trying really hard not to hate YOU for being cuter than me.

These posts are so fun! It makes me sad I didn't take more pictures when I was in Utah this weekend. *forehead smack*

Garvin Smith said...

Another great post. Again I LOLAH.

balloongal said...

Sounds like a lot of great family fun. My cousin's son is getting baptized next weekend and our family is going. I'm excited to see some of my cousins for family time.

marcie said...

Hey same first kiss as brock and I! Those boys really love their trucks I guess! And apartment parking lots...lol. At least after your first kiss you didn't exlaim "you shouldn't open that can of worms" and run inside! lol

Just Your Average Mommy said...

I just laughed out loud at the "Whoa! Major activity happening here!!" and woke the baby up from her nap LOL

Sue said...

Baptisms are always wonderful, and one of the very best things is having all of the family come.

Looks like heaven.


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