September 27, 2012

Labor Day Weekend and Savannah's Baptism - Part 1

I didn't think much of it when my mom said, "I'll just let you blog about Savannah's baptism." *insert sly grin*

When I downloaded all the photos off her camera and sat down to look at them, I had almost 500 photos to go through!

Clever mom, veeeeeeeeeeery clever.

So yes, I am just now getting around to posting about it. Deciding out of 500 pictures which handful to post is pure torture.

I don't foresee a future in photography any time soon.

So let's see, where to be begin?

It all started late Thursday night when my parents rolled into town driving their fancy, shmancy vehicle.

They sure know how to make an entrance.

I've been thinking about what to get them for Christmas this year. I confess I'm terrible at gift giving, terrible! But I think I may have finally landed on a brilliant idea for them.

They're going to love it.

After staying up late into the night chatting with them, Friday morning arrived whether we were ready for it or not. I for one wasn't ready. 

But since I was the host it was my duty to get up. I have vague recollections of rolling rather ungracefully out of bed and banging into a wall or two before making it out to meet the day.

Sometimes I wonder what inspires my mom to take pictures when she does.

I mean really....

The kids were super excited for Granny and Papa to be here! They even woke up extra early just for the occasion.

It's like school. I have to drag them out of bed Monday through Friday, but come Saturday or Sunday, they are up before the sun.

Life can be so unfair.

My mom wanted to do something extra special for Savannah's birthday and baptism. She insisted on getting the white dress Savannah would wear after she was baptized.

So here we are, the day before the baptism, and Savannah gets to see and try on her dress for the first time. Imagine my panic when it became abundantly clear that the top of the dress was too big for her and gaped open something awful.

In pure desperation, I called up my talented next door neighbors and they swooped in with a pair of scissors and a sewing machine and saved the day.

Thanks heavens for small miracles!

That afternoon, my little brother Abe and his wife arrived in town with their extraordinarily adorable twin baby girls.

We had decided a while back to all go to the temple together. So, we left the seven kids with two babysitters and took off!

It's always an adventure with my family.

If you knew my parents at all, you would know how accurate those photos are. Haha.... they're so awesome.

Especially my mom who I convinced to try on my fabulous blue shoes.

Who says you can't be sixty and sexy?

You go girl!

See those gorgeously shnazzy black lace heels my sister-in-law is wearing?

Oh ya... totally my doing. I converted her and I'm dang proud of it.

Although, wearing high heels does tend to make our men look a bit short....

Temple grounds are always so pretty.

You also find the best looking guys there.

True story.

After our temple visit we did what we do best... eat!

Who says mormons don't drink? Look at that sucker! Whooo... you have to be a tough one to be able to hold your lemon water!

And... my mom carefully ignores the crazies going on around her.

She's had lots of practice.

As for my brother, well, he married a good woman. She already has him all figured out and knows that if she will just hold perfectly still long enough, he'll actually take a normal picture.

Bless you Annie.

Oh... I want her dimples!

After we relieved the relieved babysitters, we once again stayed up way too late chatting and laughing about everything and nothing.

It was awesome.

Late that night my little sister Angel arrived with her family, so the next morning was filled with the screams and cries of nine children under the age of eight.

However, truth be told, my niece Lilli scares me... just a little bit.

Savannah spent a lot of her time trying to get Maddy to look at the camera.

I think Maddy was stunned into pensive silence through the whole episode.

Little Claira.

As we adults took out sweet time getting ready to go to the church for the baptism, the kids were getting into the spirit of things.

Kind of....

This is the down-right adorable scripture case Annie made for Savannah's new scriptures! Seriously, it's so cute.

She makes them for super cheap if you want one too!

Finally, it was time to go.

Savannah was feeling so excited as we hopped in the car and drove off for the church.

Me? I was feeling humbled, blessed, and just a little bit... old.

To Be Continued...

5 super cool people speak:

Shaylee Ann said...

Reminds me other my brother's baptism day, haha. . . .

Love all of these pictures, and these darling, adorable little chilluns! And way to rock those blue shoes!! :)

Mama Smith said...

I KNEW if I held would eventually get the JOB DONE! LOVE what you did with the pictures...How do you "clump" them all in a collage? Do you do it BEFORE you input them into the blog itself? LOVED how you put this all together! (smile) Looking forward to the next POST...(smile)

Anonymous said...

Those children are all beautiful.

Anonymous said...

We are catholic and finially baptized our daughter a month after she turned 13.We got her the traditional white poofy,above the knees baptism dress with the matching bonnet,white tights and white mary janes.Me and my two sisters and her great aunt did the dressing of her at the parish.we put the traditional white cloth baptismal diaper on her with loose fitting rubber pants over it and then her tights and under shirt,then her dress and bonnet and last the mary janes.she was walking around in the outfit and thats when we discovered the tights kept sliding down over the diaper and rubberpants.Thank goodness there was a drug store near by and my one sister went and got a package of small safety pins.we then pinned the waist of the tights to the waist band of the rubber pants and it worked!Those little safety pins saved the day for her and us!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Haha, whew! Thank goodness for safety pins! :)

They also hold up my son's church pants every Sunday. :)

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