October 2, 2012

Labor Day Weekend and Savannah's Baptism - Part 2

(click HERE to catch up on part 1)
When we arrived at the church, Savannah was all big smiles and excited giggles. We had spent a lot of time with her discussing the importance of what she was doing and what would happen with her baptism.
And she was ready! I'm so proud of her.

After Hubby preformed the baptism, I went back with Savannah to the changing room to help her out of her wet clothes.

Meanwhile, my mom was apparently going all crazy with her camera.

Here is just about everyone who had come to support her!

 When we walked into the room, my mom was still snapping shots.

I think they were ready to confiscate her camera.


My sweet girl.

Daddy then conferred upon her the gift of the Holy Ghost.

After that, Hubby and I were given the opportunity to bear our testimonies of the gospel and of what we know to be true. I bore mine to Savannah, for Savannah.

Standing with Grandpa and Papa.

Ha! Now I know where Savannah inherited her smile from, jeesh!

Soon after, we all made our way back to our house where we set about preparing lunch.

Every time I go somewhere with my sister-in-law Bryn, people always comment on how much we look like sisters!

I don't see it, she's way cuter. And this is how we both feel about it.

So there.

The kids naturally all pitched in to help.


Seriously, there should be a law against being this cute. But my little nephew is to die for!

I would ask a favor from all of you.
Would you pray for my little twin nieces?
Pray that they will turn out normal? At least... normal-ish?
Ah well, at least the girls have each other and always stick together.

 After lunch was about ready, we packed everything up and drove to the park.

Our house just isn't big enough to handle that many people. Pretty soon everything starts to smell. All those shoes and... sweaty socks.

When we arrived at the park, I was rather dismayed to see water under the swings!

I shouldn't have worried. It was the kids favorite part of the whole park... naturally.

Well, that and the iPad someone had brought along.

Lunch was a success!
Claira just walked around and stole pretty much anything she could get her hands on.

The Hubbs and his mom.

Okay seriously, I need to work on my hair styles. I look like a scary version of Audrey Hepburn.


 Oh and uh... you're welcome.

Sorry Mike, but it had to be done.
Ah well, what can ya do.

After all that food and all that work, I guess a few naps were in order!

 Now we're going to have a little pretend contest.

I have in my possession, four awkward pictures. If you were to give one first prize, which would it be?

Awkward photo #1 (Sorry Angel, but you do have your hands on your bum)

Awkward photo #2 (In my defense, I did not take this photo, my mom did! Blame her!)

Awkward photo #3 (Uhhhh.....)

Awkward photo #4 (I can't remember why this was taken, but the whole pointy toe thing is creeping me out)

So which one was your favorite?

After lunch, most of the in-laws left, only a few hung around until bedtime. They were the only ones to realize how amazingly awesome it is to hang out with us.

At least, that's what I like to tell myself.

Even if my brother-in-law Lane did look ready to run away and never come back after a few hours in our crazy presence.

Papa and his girls.

Yes, we are eating again. It's what we do best! I suppose now would be an appropriate time to confess I've put on some weight.

True story.

And wipe that smug grin off your face Angel! Pish, "sisterly love".... riiiiggghhht.

The proud parents of our sweet Savannah.

So mature and refined are we.

Pretty soon the kids were in bed and we started crashing left and right.

Whoa! Seriously, how does she do that! It's like she knows everything we're doing!

I guess those super mommy powers never really go away.

Me and my sister Angel. Not the most flattering picture to be sure.

But it's a tad bit more flattering than these.

I vaguely remember making to bed that night... with a kink in my neck.
But hey, at least I made it!
We all have things to be proud of.
Just sayin'.
To Be Continued....

9 super cool people speak:

Garden of Egan said...

Wow ! Fun times!

Congtats to savannah. She is so pretty.

Mama Smith said...

Wow...I am so GLAD...you took on the project...of putting these pictures together! GREAT JOB...darling girl! PICTURES are so AWESOME...holding these memories in tack forever! I so LOVE IT...when we are all together...Your dad and I are seriously looking for a place...where we can ALL GATHER...I know Josh and Holly want us all to gather on their property in MISSOURI...for a family reunion...Do you think the 80+ acres...will give us enough room for our entire family? (smile)

kbankids said...

Great Pictures! It was a fun time. Oh and I'd be lucky if I really looked like you!!

ldsjaneite said...

I'm loving awkward #3 myself. Though #4 looks like he's trying to sow off his calf muscle?

Great posts. Can't believe Savannah is already 8. Great job to her parents--you've raised a wonderful daughter!

Stacie said...

#3, but I have to say the one of your sister drooling in her sleep was pretty awkward. Ok, so she's not drooling, but it looks like she could be. hehehe :0) I'm wondering with #3 were they playing Moses?

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Haha, maybe we were both drooling!

Moses? Well, your guess is as good as mine! :D

Amy said...

Our families are so similar! Crazy and fun and often awkward.

I vote for the baby in the mud nest. That one is like... uh, wha??

I need to take more pictures. This is just too fun.

Garvin Smith said...

Ha, ha, ha! I didn't LOL, I laughed out loud, and hard! I guess that would be LOLAH!

Oh, yeah. It's a toss up between pictures #2 and #3. The baby thing is enjoyable-creepy.

Absolutely a wonderful post.

Emily said...

Oh wow, you gave me a good laugh after a rough day :) I would have to say the doll in the mud is the best. It's a disturbingly funny picture!

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