October 25, 2012

Icky Sticky White Stuff

It's starting. The beginning of the end. 

The epic horror of all warm and sun-loving human beings.

I am trying hard not to cry. 

Oh, it's just... so, so sad.

But I tried not to spoil it too much for the kids, who were so excited to see the snow they were (literally) bouncing all over the couch and skipping through the house. At the bus stop they were throwing snow balls bare-handed then licking their fingers.

I could almost forgive the snow for coming just because it made the kids so happy.


Since it is also spirit week at school, it just so happens that today is "crazy hair day." Pish, as if my kids needed any more crazy in them.

And yes, Joseph is totally air guitar-ing it.

But the kids were so slow getting a move on this morning (must be the snow) that I didn't have time to do anything very cool. 

But they must be use to my total un-coolness because they were still quite happy with their hair. Jacob just wanted spikes, Joseph got his hairbands, and Savannah... well, Savannah would pretty much go for anything.

And now Alayna and Claira are happily scooping piles of snow off the back porch and eating it like it's going out of style.

As for me, well, I found this magic can of happiness while I was at the store last night.

And it's mine, all mine I tell you!

Hubby doesn't like anything mint, nor does he care for hot chocolate. 

Mwah ha ha ha! 

So if you need you can find me, my hot chocolate, and my fuzzy pink slippers, snuggled up with a good book as I do my best to ignore the cold, white torture outside my window.

Oh wait, I still have to do some laundry, finish the dishes, clean my bedroom, and finish up some craft orders.

Blast, guess the book will have to wait. Again.

But the fuzzy pink slippers are coming with me.

Or else.

11 super cool people speak:

tomiannie said...

I am so with you. We woke up to snow here, too (thankfully not as much as you), and I just wanted to pull the blankets over my head until...April. It's a dang good thing I love Christmas so much, or I probably would.

Garden of Egan said...

Truly sad.
Yikes, I'm not ready.

Sara Lyn said...

Sorry about the snow. :( May you be blessed with much hot chocolate this winter!!!

Neisha said...

my son wanted snow way back in July!! crazy kid!

Stacy said...

Yup. We hadn't unpacked our snow stuff after we moved this summer, and by 8:00 this morning, it looked like winter had thrown up all over my living room and all four of my demons were outside. It bought me 10 precious quiet minutes though, so I shouldn't complain.

Sue said...

Yum, yum, yum on the candy cane cocoa!


Amy said...

Move to Arizona, Girlie!! You can't shovel sunshine ;)

But then you'd hate me for suggesting this come next May. Or April. Or March. Whenever the first freaking 100 degree day decides to rage on us.

Anonymous said...

Does it make you feel better to know that I live 11 or so hours north of you and there's no snow here yet? No, that doesn't make it better? That's funny it makes me feel good :D
Okay you can mock me when its -7000 degrees here in a few weeks.

Larsen said...

I'm hating it too. Least most of it melted away today, but I fear it's not permanent.

Can I just say I DO NOT understand SNOWLOVERS. Ew. How they love it makes me ill. Worse than when Bella kisses Edward.

balloongal said...

When we woke up to snow, my daughter's boots from a year ago wouldn't fit her anymore, so she had to go to school in regular shoes. Luckily it melted by the time she came home.

Seth said...

We'll be sharing the tears down here soon. Glad you could find some consolation and pink slippers.

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