February 10, 2012

Of Messes and Wrinkles

And you thought your house was messy.

HA! See, now isn't your day just looking so much better already?

Okay, in self defense, this wasn't my fault! This time anyway. And I would like to think that no matter how awesome my kids are, or how thoroughly trained and talented they are in the art of mess-making, even I would be impressed if they could take all the furniture apart and move it around.

Very impressed indeed.

Not that I wouldn't put it past them.

And no, we aren't moving either. Last Saturday (as in a week ago) we got our carpets stretched. And believe you me. They needed it! There were wrinkles everywhere, in every room.

It was like how my stomach looks a few weeks after giving birth... or eight months after giving birth... *awkward silence* you know what? Let's just not talk about that anymore.

But having wrinkles and inch or two high in your stomach carpet is really bad for it and ruins it when vacuumed and walked over, so it needed to be done.

As a result, we took everything, and I do mean everything, that was touching the floors in all the rooms upstairs, and moved it into the kitchen. Everything else that wouldn't fit we just played musical rooms with until all the rooms were taken care of.

Then we got a brilliant idea. We should clean the carpets too! Because yes, we are brilliant like that thank-you-very-much.

So Hubby called up the Bishop of our ward, who happens to own the discount theatres around town, and asked if we could borrow his carpet cleaner. He was gracious and said we could.

Later that afternoon, hubby picked it up and came back with this hunk-a-thing. I don't know what I was expecting, but it wasn't this fancy gadget!

When we were finished, our house smelled like theatre popcorn.

It was really late Saturday night by the time we were done, and since we needed to let the carpet dry, we had the kids sleep downstairs.

Sunday after church we moved the big furniture back into the living room and hubby put the kid's NEW used bunk beds together.

Yes, you read right. FINALLY, after my kids sleeping on mattresses on the floor since they were each old enough to be moved from the crib to make way for the next kid, we got bunk beds!

Nothing fancy to be sure. We found them at a used furniture place for $69 each. EACH! Wahoo! So we got a set for the boys and the girls.

Apparently they were from an army base, but are solid oak and very sturdy. Come spring, I intend to paint them and the kid's rooms, and for the first time in their lives, decorate!

Oh ya... I've got plans I tell you. Big plans.

And yes. The safety rail is just tied on. The bunks didn't come with any so we bought wood for Hubby to add to them. He just hasn't gotten around to attaching them yet, so they are tied on.

Because we're awesome like that and not at all ghetto. *cough*

The down side to this tale.

Here we are, Friday morning almost a week later, and I STILL have not put everything back. Seriously, my kitchen looks like it threw up on itself.


So today, I will attempt the tame the disaster beast that is currently residing in my kitchen, consuming all in it's path.

Maybe by the time I'm done wrestling with it, I will have smoothed a wrinkle or two of my own.

From my stomach.

I know how to dream big.

8 super cool people speak:

Shaylee B said...

Wow, you've been busy! That is *so* awesome about the bunk beds! :) It's too bad you don't live closer to me. I'd totally volunteer to take your kids for the day, or just come help you put everything back, or somethin'. :)


Sue said...

Doesn't sound like much fun, but I'll bet you're gonna love the results!


Larsen said...

Can't the same people who stretch carpet do something for stomachs?

You'd think, right???

Cherie said...

I must have been living under a rock but I have never heard of having carpets stretched. I understand why and how but WOW.
I bet you are loving having everything so smooth and clean!!


marlece said...

oh my goodness! If you saw my house it LOOKS JUST LIKE THIS!! We got our carpets stretched yesterday and Monday I get them cleaned!!!! We are living in a mess, so I feel your pain and yoru rejoicing over carpet, yahhhhhh!

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

WOW!!!!!!! LOVE clean, fancy carpets that is awesome! And what?! I don't think anything will ever smooth out my belly wrinkles. :P

Mama Smith said...

My goodness! I think how we never cleaned our carpets...all those years! At first when I saw all those first set of pictures...I thought..."WHAT? They are moving...and we didn't know about it?" Whew...glad it wasn't a "hint"...(smile) LOVE THE BUNK BEDS! I think how LONG you waited to find just the right ones for the RIGHT PRICE! Can hardly wait to see all of this in PERSON! (unless...you really are moving...)

Garden of Egan said...

Good luck

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