February 16, 2012

Granny Saves Valentine's Day

True story - My mom (aka: Granny) sent my kids a big package of Valentine's Day goodies, which we received last Friday.

True story -  I may have *ahem* snitched a few of the chocolates. Also, when I realized I didn't have any treats for the young women I was teaching in church last Sunday, I may have... "borrowed" a few treats from the bag.

True story - I bought another bag of chocolate Monday morning to replace all the, er... missing pieces.

True story - By Tuesday afternoon, the bag of chocolate was gone.

Hey, *pish* in my defense, I didn't eat every single piece myself! Hubby ate.... a couple. *nervous laugh*

But it was when I realized the chocolate bag was empty Valentine's Day afternoon, that also I realized something else. I had nothing grand planned for family dinner or anything! No heart shaped pizzas, no pink pancakes, no special pink-frosted cookies, nothing.


I hereby nominate myself for the World's Most Un-cool Mom award.

Now I had double guilt.

Then a flicker of a life-saving idea began to shed light on how I could save the day... with a little help from Granny.

I went to the package she sent and pulled out the coloring book she had also included.

True story - That's as far as my decorating went.

I do take some small comfort in the fact that the kids LOVED it and were totally excited about it. Fighting over who got to color which picture only lasted a few minutes. So that was good too.

And that's what guilty people do, try to find things to make them feel better about their evil misdeeds. (not that snitching chocolate is an evil misdeed, more like... mild misguidance)

At least one person overlooks my faults.

The fact that she doesn't know any better has nothing to do with it thank-you-very-much!

Okay, by the way Claira is looking at me in this picture I may be slightly incorrect in my assumptions.

Anyway.... after a very non-exciting dinner, the kids got their Valentine cards and treats from Granny and Papa.

Even Claira loved hers.

True story - I was feeling so guilty about their candy that I made Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip cookies, but by the time  they had actually stuffed their faces with all the other candy they still had from Granny, believe me, they had had plenty! So they didn't get any of the cookies that night.

The only complaint I got was that there hadn't been any balloons.

Note to self: Next V-day, balloons. All the way.

So, thank you mom for saving Valentine's Day this year! Who knew you were going to do such a thing when you mailed that off, eh?

And this is for you, from the kids. If you can understand them.

True story.

P.S. My "Kind Words" post was featured over at Or So She Says yesterday!

9 super cool people speak:

Lalani said...

What a brilliant idea! And so fun!

Angel Day said...

Haha...yeah...I didn't decorate at all either. (cough)

Heather S said...

how come i never thought to line the table with coloring book pages? that's genius!!

the video is a hoot. it sounded like our kids when daddy came rolling in late (on vday night). all 4 shouting at the same time. all 4 shouting something totally different!

Shaylee B said...

Seriously, you are the coolest mom. Coloring pages tablecloth? I'm pinning that. X) And don't be guilty about eating the chocolate. You're the mother, you deserve it. ;)

My Valentine's day was pretty lame too. But I had a Valentine for the first time in my life!!! We celebrated yesterday 'cause I was sick Tuesday. X)

Keep up your awesomeness, Serene. I just adore you. :) :)

Larsen said...

I just blogged about our V day too. You out did me.... So I guess I get that award... hand it over.

Amy said...

Love the coloring page idea. That's like, Pinterest-worthy, Serene!

Video was too cute. I caught the message. :)

Sara Lyn said...

I'm with everyone about the coloring pages being brilliant! And yay for your mom saving the day! She's wonderful, of course.

Cherie said...

I think you pulled it off quite nicely!!

Yayyy for Grandma's!!

The video was so cute. You just have a fun little bunch of rugrats there.

Mama Smith said...

Oh...my goodness...I am just now seeing this awesome...post! LOVED the CHILDREN's THANK YOU...VIDEO! NOTE TO ME: Send SEPARATE ENVELOPE to Sarah Serene...with "chocolates"...just for her...NOTE TO ME: ON ENVELOPE TO GRANDCHILDREN: DO NOT TOUCH...NIGH UNTO PAIN OF DEATH...FOR CHILDREN ONLY! REMEMBER the "ARC of the COVENANT"...and what happened to those UNAUTHORIZED PERSONS WHO TOUCH! (smile)

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