February 6, 2012

It's the Darndest Thing

I have learned a thing or two in my limited parenting experience. Such as:

-If you think your baby has a stinky diaper, it's FAR safer just to assume you are correct rather than sticking your fingers in an opening to confirm your suspicions.

Chances are, the stink is a lot closer to the opening than you had anticipated, as your fingers have just confirmed.

-Hiding is the best policy. Just because you don't like sharing your toothbrush, doesn't mean your kids share the same sentiment about your toothbrush.

- Breaking out into the Wonder Pets theme song while making dinner has a tendency to clear the room. Especially after asking the kids to clean off the table. "What's going to work? Teeeaaammmm work! What's going to work?  *pause for effect* TTEEEAAAAMMMM work!"

Usually by the time I get around to belting out that last line at the top of my lungs, my children have disappeared.

It's the darndest thing.

-Accepting the fact that you will never have baking cups when you actually need them, helps with any surprise or irritation you might have otherwise experienced.

It's just the way it is.

They have usually been sacrificed for a better cause.

Unless you're trying to make cupcakes. Then the kids get mad at you for not being prepared and having baking cups on hand.

-If you have to choose between your kids being incredibly sneaky or incredibly clever, always opt for the latter.

They are your kids after all.

So, anyone want to come over today? We have some mighty fine juice available!

10 super cool people speak:

Neisha said...

that's one thing my kids never got into. Have you ever given them muffin tins?? They might love that...they could fill them up AND carry them around :)

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Ha! Genious!! I think I'll do that next time! Thanks!

Kristen said...

Hahahaha thanks for the parenting tips. I'm glad to know its not just my kids who are so "inventive".

PS-- I think I will pass on the juice offer. Thanks anyways.

Sue said...

I have a firm policy of NEVER sticking my finger in a diaper.


Heather S said...

bahaha. are you sure you don't have a camera in my house?
we just had lil thomas trains in 'boats.. floating in the ocean' (muffin liners ALL over the LR)

our kids skip the straw in the pitcher.. and just go right to drinking out of the (milk) jug.

Mama Smith said...

I see that Alayna and Jacob are teaching Claira well...(smile) I think she is going to be a very FAST LEARNER! (smile)

Lara said...

I love reading your blog because you make no bones about how it really is. :)

The baking cups were my favorite.

Garvin Smith said...

I really liked the pony tucked in the cupcake cup. And if you ever want to make cupcakes, just ask your children to round up all the cups, because they know where they all are. And nobody else will ever know, of have to know.

Charlotte said...

When your child has as a stinky diaper you can wait a half hour saying "it's just gas" and another hour saying "I need to wait until I'm sure they're finished." And if you wait long enough maybe the magic fairy will change it. Or maybe it will stretch past their knees and you'll have to stop the denial.

At least that is my experience.

Bethany said...

Ahhh I know the feeling with the stinky diapers. I usually put it off for ten minutes after the first smell, making sure they are actually done. Phewwww.

Muffin cups...I will have to try that. The little guy I watch loves to carry tiny little trinkets around :)

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