July 8, 2009

What a Weekend - Part Two

We didn't get back from Star Valley until about 12:30am Saturday morning so we slept in and missed the parade.

But the rest of our day was very much fun filled.

I cleaned the house while Luke chopped down and sprayed weeds in the back yard.

After all our fun was done, I ran to the store to stock up on goodies for that night. My crazy sis and her hubby came up to spend the holiday with us so I had to be prepared... and I had eaten all the chocolate for the smores, so I had to get more.

But as evening approached and we were getting ready for the fireworks show, the excitement and anticipation was just too much. The kids were all dressed and waiting by the door, especially Jacob.

We met up with Bradley and Michelle and their little kiddos (good friends) and found a spot to watch the fireworks. The kids had a blast playing together, while Bradley ate all my treats. But I let him, because I think I weigh more than he does.

I suppose some people in a "hurry up and wait" situation, would be bored enough to fall asleep. But not us! We party hard, especially Joseph.

Oh, I could eat up all that cheese!

But I promptly forgave Bradley for eating my treats because Michelle had brought sparklers and shared with my kids. Forgiveness by association.

(Michelle, if you're reading this, I'm just teasing. Bradley, if you're reading this, I'm dead serious =)

I didn't realize until after it was all over that I had no pics of my crazy sis and her hubby. But just use your imagination for a moment. Crazy sis, encouraging Jacob to do the following.

That's right! Don't mess with a guys marshmallows! He just might come after you with his cheese stick!

I had brought glow sticks with us to share. Savannah made bracelets and anklets. She looked like a little gypsy just dancing around. Crazy girl.

Oh! Now the fireworks are starting!

Wow! I pink one!

Oh, seriously, love that cheese.

Even Alayna loved watching the fireworks.

Oh, such brotherly love. Telling Alayna what colors the fireworks are.

Um, maybe she just wants you to stop talking so she can watch the show.

Or maybe she has no idea what color "lellow" is.

My ultimate super-power, mommy mind reading skills are a bit rusty these days, sorry.

4 super cool people speak:

Mama Smith said...

Maybe, NEXT YEAR....we will ALL be together....and have our traditional "Smith" 4th of July celebration....with LOTS of cool fireworks...Remember when we had the "Roman Candle" fight? Yea..I know...SMITH men were never very "smart" about these sort of things...never worried about burning each other...or scars on the face...eyes....clothers...etc. (smile)

Heidi said...

I love these pictures.

John and Jami West said...

Your kids are so so stinkin cute!!! You are the cutest mommy ever!

Brittney said...

that jacob is the best cheeser. And Alayna is the best eye popper.

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