July 6, 2009

What A Weekend - Part One

We had big plans for the 4th of July weekend.

Big plans.

So Thursday afternoon we loaded up the kids and our camping gear and headed over to Star Valley, Wyoming. We were all in a good mood and chatted and laughed the whole way.

After we stopped off at Grandma's house for a bit, we headed up to the campsite and pulled in.

We stopped.

There was no stinking way I was going camping that night! The mosquitoes were out full force, ready for their own celebration. They swarmed the car, trying to figure out if it was eatable or not. What's the expression? They were thick as thieves.

Luke and his brother were daring and stepped out of the cars for a few minutes. The whole time
swatting and smacking those little buggers.

They got back in and we drove back to Grandma's house where Luke set up the tent in the front yard.

A little bit later, it started to rain.

In the end, between the limited space in the tent (I guess its time to get a bigger one) and the rain, it was decided I would sleep inside with Alayna. But then Jacob decided he didn't want to sleep outside either.

Oh well.

I had brought a pack of glow sticks for the kids to play with while we were out camping. But of course, that didn't happen so they just played with them inside instead.

Here is Savannah and the kids, showing Great Grandpa Hepworth the glow sticks and all the fun shapes you can make when you put them together.

Savannah just loves this man. She sits with him, talks with him. Tells him when its time to eat and helps him walk around since he can't see much.

At one point when I had gone back to check on them, she was sitting on his lap smothering his face in kisses.

Even Joseph lends a helping hand from time to time. For dinner we had hot dogs. Joseph was trying to get G-Grandpa to eat to he took his fork, stuck a piece of hot dog on it, and gave the fork to him. It was too funny.

Well, after our 'tried but failed but Joseph and Savannah still got to sleep in a tent' camping experience, we still had fun.

Friday afternoon we went on a four-wheeler ride with my sister-in-law, Michelle, and some of her family.

Here we are, all pumped and ready to go.

Jacob started out riding with me.

But not long after we started out, Savannah got bit by something. Not entirely sure what, but we think maybe a horse fly. After that, she rode with me. Michelle's mom had some lavender oil on her and treated the wound. Savannah got lots of special treatment.

Once we got up the trail quite a ways, we pulled off to walk up a side trail. Of course, Aunt Michelle was quite prepared with scrumptious treats and made all the kids happy.

Savannah and her cousin, whom she loves!

Heading back down the other side of the trail to "Hidden Lake".
SPLAT! Jacob took a bit of a fall.

So daddy lent a hand.

I tried to put two pictures together for a panoramic view. Eh, turned out alright I suppose.

Heading back up the tail now and stopped off to take a few more shots.

Oh ya, I forgot to mention that just before we left the lake, Jacob took a bit of a tumble and was soaked. We stripped him down and put on his jacket then borrowed another for his legs.

And this point it was starting to get cold so everyone who brought one put on their jackets.

I had brought one, but didn't bother to put it on. Why? Because Savannah had been using it prop up her "boo boo" arm while she rode a bit with Grandpa. But after a while it had been forgotten and dragged through the mud. So I opted to skip on wearing the muddy jacket.

My HUGE mistake.

We started back down the mountain. It was now cold and very overcast. Everyone is speeding down to try and beat the rain. It didn't work.

First it was just some light rain.

Then, the hail came.

Now I don't know about you, but speeding down a mountain at... well, actually I have no idea how fast I was going, but I was pretty darn at some points, while being pelted by hail without a jacket, well, let's just say it didn't exactly feel good.

At that point I would have given anything for my muddy jacket.

Savannah, who was sitting behind me, held on for dear life as I tried to make it down the mountain and out of the hail.

Once we made it to the bottom of the trail, it stopped raining and hailing.

Go figure.

I suppose if you made it this far in the post you are privy to a bum shot.

There are some experiences you just won't forget any time soon.

I need a hot shower just thinking about it!

10 super cool people speak:

Michelle said...

I'm glad you guys came! The only thing I slacked on was bringing enough jackets and sweatshirts...Lane didn't think we needed ANY jackets or blankets! I've been on enough rides to know better... :O) Hope you had fun even though we got pelted by the hail, soaked through every layer, and frozen to the bone. Next time we'll be even more prepared!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Well, you were loads more prepared then I was!
Thanks for the diaper by the way.

And we had a lot of fun.

When we showed up Thursday night and Lane was at the house, Savannah kept asking were Lizzy was! She was so bummed she wasn't at the house when we got there.

Katherine said...

Wow. Good job being positive! I once was out in hail on my scooter, and it was not fun.

Heidi said...

Looked like fun...or you at least made it sound that way. So, exactly WHO was the diaper for? :-)

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

It was fun, except for the hail. =)

The diaper was for Jacob. That boy needs an off button.

Marcie said...

Ahh looks like tons of fun, I better not show Brock or he will be green with envy! Even though it hailed! Soon we'll have to go out on some rides Audrey has lots of her Dad in her! :)

Mama Smith said...

Oh...these are what "childhood" memories are made of....I am thrilled you are making MANY for your children....VERY IMPORTANT!!! The BEST KIND of MEMORIES!!!!

As for your new BLOG look!!! LOVE IT!!! Especially since it is your own artwork!!! How did you do it?? I want to learn!!!!! (You can teach me...once I move to MONTANA!!!) (smile)

Courtney said...

Sounds like such an exciting weekend. I can't believe how big Savannah is in those pictures. She just grew so fast in the last year or has it been two years since we've seen you.

Heidi B said...

i just wanted to leave a note. found your blog on Mormon mommy blogs totally by coincidence. I was quite surprised to see someone writing about hidden lake and recognizing Michelle, my parents live just down the road and i grew up riding horses, 4wheelers and snowmobiles up there.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Ha! No way! How cool is that! I'll have to tell Michelle.
Thanks for leaving a note! You made my day!

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