July 28, 2009

Couch Smouch

Every Princess NEEDS a Prince. And when it is such that there is a Princess and a Prince, there NEEDS to be a bad guy that they can run away from.

BUT what if the bad guy doesn't want to be a bad guy? What if he wants to be a Prince too?

But according to the rules laid down by the Princess, there can only be ONE Prince. This makes for a very unhappy and weepy third wheel.

In steps the QUEEN and knights the bad guy. So now he has a BIG sword which makes the new Knight VERY happy.

So, life in the kingdom continues in peace.

But WAIT! The Princess NEEDS a castle! A place to hide the Prince and the Knight from the Dragon!

Whoever said the Princess can't save MEN in distress?

And whoever said a couch was for SITTING anyway?

I didn't.

7 super cool people speak:

Brittney said...

dragons, princesses, princes, knights... yep, after your last art post I can see where little Savannah gets her imagination.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

LOL! I suppose you're right.
Still, isn't every kid into Princess and Princes?

Brittney said...

well sure, but I don't think I was to the same extent.. but maybe it has something to do with your bedtime stories. I mostly played with dolls or barbies and played house or school. Even if we did pretend we were princesses, dragons weren't usually involved.. but I can see they were a crucial part of your youth! :)

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Its true. I was really into that stuff as a kid.
How funny. You know, I never really liked dolls and I especially hated barbies. Someone gave me one on my 8th birthday and I actually got upset! LOL.
I don't really remember playing school or anything. Mostly we had girls vs. boys fort wars in our house.

Heidi said...

Hmmm... I was all ballerina when I was little. The princess kick didn't come until the mid-teens somewhere. Perhaps that's because the over-ruling boys in our home kept me from being too female. Cars. Dogs. Bows & Arrows. Snakes. Football. Forts. Basketball. Rope Swings. *sigh* It was the life.

When the girl part of me started to come out around 14, I think the brothers got a bit upset. Or maybe that's just annoyed. At least they kept me more down to earth than I otherwise would have been. Could you imagine the kind of girl without them--no, no. That's just too scary a thought. I'm bad enough now!

I love their imaginations. And so nice that Savannah is the older one still able to set up the rules of play. With Queen's intervention, of course!

Mama Smith said...

I always loved watching how you children entertained yourselves while you were all growing up...Some of you did plays...some of you actually did "film"...buried each other in the ground...whatever...it was fun watching your imaginations run wild...Glad to see...it is continuing with the next generation...(smile)

Seth said...

I always thought the bad guy was the bad guy because he was always jealous of being the third wheel. But guess I've been proven wrong. New toys (and fancy fortresses) do tend to appease guys. :)

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