May 29, 2013

Memorial Weekend

So... how was your weekend?

Us? Well, we almost planned something fun.

And we almost made a family trip.

But in the end we wimped out. It's true. 

Instead I did a whole lot of this. Eh hem....

But hey, we got our garden planted! Just in time for it to get cold again. Bleh.

Then we had made some of the in-law fam come to us and bring lots of food and treats. Mwah ha ha ha.....

And there may have been a whole lot of this.

And maybe a little of this.

Now I'm trying to catch up on a whole lot of this.

And this...

Now don't you feel so much better about yourself?

You're welcome.

But even though we went about our weekend like it was just another day, we never forgot that it was really about this.

So what did you guys do?

4 super cool people speak:

Saimi said...

Love the napping, family and eating and if they really loved you they should have taken care of the laundry and dishes for you...sheesh! Ha!! Good job getting your garden planted it looks lovely!!

It was a quiet weekend for me as the hubs and our boy went to Moab for some mountain biking fun and male bonding. My house stayed clean the entire time!!

Anonymous said...

Looks lovely. Aside from the laundry and dirty dishes of course. :) But, I frequently wimp out on trips. They are too much work!! -Meredith

Raelyn said...

We did not do anything eventful for Memorial Day around here. However. Mom and Dad made breakfast, {Cheesy scrambled eggs, bacon, and potatoes!!} we played Apples to Apples, then Dad barbequed brats/hotdogs for dinner!! Oh yeah. And Dad fixed a running toilet. All in one day.... ;)
"Freedom isn't free." --Written by a local Army serviceman before he paid the ultimate sacrifice in Iraq.

Sue said...

What a darling pic of you and your cute little guy.


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