May 8, 2013

Baby Update and Zumba (Is that a weird topic combo?)

I had my follow-up ultrasound yesterday to check on the hemorrhage.

I was feeling pretty good about how it would turn out since I have had no bleeding for a couple weeks now.

But it was still nice to be shown and told that the hemorrhage is completely gone. Prayers have been answered and all the blood has been re-absorbed, everything is looking wonderfully great!

Well, except for maybe the weight scale.

Eh hem.

Perhaps I shouldn't mention this, but I took up Zumba a couple weeks before I was pregnant, when a friend who use to be an instructor decided to do a free class in the morning for anyone who wanted to come. I was excited because mornings work better for me than evenings and I can bring the kids with me and they just play, or dance. Whichever they decide.

Anyway, I actually use to go to her house and we'd do Zumba together. So when she failed to find a back-up teacher for days she couldn't be there, she asked if I'd be willing to learn a routine and be her back-up instructor.

I wasn't sure how well I'd do but I was excited to at least try. So she made me a dvd and I took to trying to memorize the routines.

At this point I now knew I was expecting, and also that I might have a complication.

But practicing Zumba was a good distraction, especially since when I'm concentrating and my heart rate is up, my nausea tends to ebb away.

Then when the doctor told me about the hemorrhage, I asked him if I could keep exercising. At first he said yes, then he stopped and said, "Well, maybe not. I don't think you should be running or lifting weights. In fact, don't lift anything heavy."

I decided it was pointless to mention I have a toddler.

Still, I wanted so badly to keep exercising through this pregnancy and be all healthy and stuff, (without having to actually give up chocolate) I decided I would practice a few songs at home, taking it very light and easy and see how my body would react.

Especially since I wasn't running or lifting weights. *wink wink*  

No cramping, no bleeding, in fact it felt good! So I kept going to the classes, just taking it easy to gauge how my body would respond. Nothing. I felt no bad after-effects at all.

I even had a chance to play instructor once when my friend was out of town. It was so fun and the ladies were so good to work with me and my goof-ups.

Because I didn't have a severe hemorrhage, there's a chance that the exercise actually may have helped my body re-absorb the blood.  

So now I am back to learning a few new songs and exercising (not rigorously, so don't worry) five days a week.

Since this is the first time I've ever exercised during a pregnancy, it has been... interesting, but good.

So yes, I'll be that weird lady with a ginormous belly shaking her chocolate-filled booty like nobody's business.

I'm so, so sorry for anyone who stands behind me.

I hope my awkwardness won't disturb them... permanently.

11 super cool people speak:

Garden of Egan said...

Congrats on the good news.

the fowlers said...

That's so great! I'm really glad to hear things are better. Healthy moms and babies are the best things in the world.
And I have to admit I would love to see some of that pregnant Zumba.

Hannah du Toit said...

Zumba is the best huh?!! Where do live?? I'm an instructor in southern cal (Rancho Cucamonga). You should totally get certified and teach! It's such a fun way to get that "Me" time an hour a day!! Saw your link from facebook:)


Raelyn said...

Praise God!! I am so pleased to read that everything is now smooth sailing with Baby!! So pleased. I cannot wait to "meet" him/her!! ;-D

Sue said...

Such great news to hear that the hemorrhage has reabsorbed!


Mama Smith said...

Hey...remember Lynn Whitcomb's sister who continued to play BASKETBALL with the guys on Saturdays...CARRYING TWINS...Yeah...You will do GREAT in this pregnancy! smile

Saimi said...

Oh my gosh Serene look at the little thing, man what an incredible gift God has given us woman!

Love Zumba go crazy, but not too crazy!

nicole b said...

Serene, you have to see this video of another blogger teaching zumba while 8 months ( I think pregnant) its kinda adorable!

Lara said...

Look at that gorgeous little one! I'm so glad that prayers were answered.

I love pregnant Zumba! I Zumba'ed my way through my entire last pregnancy and it was awesome! I was at my Zumba class shaking my huge, awkward pregnant self the night before I had Nora :)

Mama Smith said...

I think my "Grandson" looks really GOOD! smile

marcie said...

Eliza was also a zumba baby....and I gotta say...the girl can dance! lol

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