May 1, 2013

What's Been Going On the Last Few Weeks

It had only been a few days since the pregnancy test came back positive.

I figured I was about 5 weeks along when the cramping started.

They were different from "labor" pains, more like a cramp you get when you exercise, only the pain was everywhere, through my whole mid-section. At first I thought I was miscarrying, but there was no blood.  Still, it felt like all my insides were getting ripped apart.

A couple hours later, I was fine. It gave us a scare but I let it pass as one of those weird things that happen and you'll never really know why.

The next day I was fine but the day after, the cramping started again. They were pretty bad so I started debating with myself on whether or not to go see a doctor.

Since I was only 5 weeks I felt kind of stupid for going in so early, yet something clearly wasn't right. I finally compromised with myself and called up my O.B's office and talked to a nurse.

She convinced me to come in after she pointed out that if it was something like a tubal pregnancy, it was better to know sooner than later.

So I set up an appointment to go in just a couple hours later.

Calling up my neighbor, she graciously came over to keep an eye on my kiddos.

Upon doing an ultrasound, this is what was found.

Sorry, I took a photo of the ultrasound picture with my phone so it's not very good.

Anyway, the little black circle is the normal baby sac. That second weird blob thingy? Ya, they were stumped. The doctor said he had never seen this before and ran through a couple scenarios of what it "might" be. As I kept asking questions, the doctor finally admitted that there was a small chance it could be what is called a "Molar Pregnancy"

I won't go through all the details of what it is as you can read up on it, but he did point out that if it was a Molar Pregnancy, they would need to do a d&c right away and remove it before it became attached and possibly cancerous.

Yes, I knew what a d&c was, but I asked anyway; would they be able to remove it without harming the good baby sac?

The answer was no, they would have to remove the good baby too.

I was horrified and sick to my stomach over the thought. But the doctor assured me that most likely that wasn't what it was, but they couldn't rule out the possibility.

We scheduled an appointment to do another ultrasound in 2 weeks and by then they would be able to tell what was going on.

I called Hubby to fill him in, and that's when he reminded me that the week the second ultrasound was scheduled for, he was going to be in Guatemala for work. So I was doing this solo.

I had to go in for blood work a couple of times and since everything was coming back normal, the doctors were speculating that perhaps it was a "disappearing twin". But again, it was just a guess.

It was a strange two weeks. We decided to let our parents in on what was going on so they could pray for us, but decided to keep it as quiet as possible from everyone else until we knew what was going to happen.

Whenever I would pray about the situation, I always felt at peace afterwards, like everything was going to be okay. So in truth, I wasn't overwhelmed with worry. But at the same time, I kept reminding myself to be prepared for worst case scenario.

Our Salt Lake trip was actually right smack dab in the middle of this two-week waiting period and seemed like it would provide a good distraction. But as we left and had been on the free way about ten minutes, I turned to Hubby and went... "uh oh".

Not that any of you want to know this, but it didn't take long to realize I was bleeding. I am proud of myself for not punching Hubby when his first reaction was, "Did it get on the seat?"   LOL!

Anyway, we found the closest Walmart and I discreetly tied a jacket around my waist all punk old school like. Not that anyone would think anything of it since it was Walmart after all. Then I went about buying a whole new set of clothes since our bag was buried deep in the back of the car underneath the mountain of kid necessities.

The rest of the weekend went fine other than some more minimal cramping, but when we spent Sunday morning at my brother's place, he guessed we were expecting. So we gave him the low-down on what was going on.

Fast forward to the day I went in for the second ultra-sound. Hubby was in Guatemala for the whole week so my neighbor offered to come with me to the appointment. She was super sweet to offer, but I decided I would rather go by myself.

The ultrasound showed a little white blob with a perfect little heartbeat, inside of the regular black blob, which was half surrounded by another irregular black blob.

The ultrasound tech wouldn't tell me anything, so when I met with the doctor he informed that I have what is called a "Subchorionic Hemorrhage" 

In layman's terms, I have blood between the wall of the placenta and the baby sac.

You can't really see it because the picture they gave me to take home is zoomed in so I wouldn't be able to see most of where the pool of blood is, but you can make out the very bottom of it right above the baby's sac.

The doctor said that there are some increased risks, such as miscarriage or placenta abruption. However, in most cases the hemorrhage heals itself and everything is fine. And since I don't have a history of miscarriage or high risk pregnancies, my doctor wasn't feeling concerned.

I was told to take it easy and try to relax.

I tried not to laugh out loud at that and point out that my Hubby travels fairly often for work and I have five other kids at home.

Still, I was beyond relieved to know that it wasn't "worst case scenario" and more than likely everything would be okay.

I actually have another ultrasound scheduled for next week to make sure the hemorrhage isn't getting worse. But my bleeding has slowed to the point of having stopped almost two weeks ago so I think everything will be okay.

Part of the reason we made a public announcement, is because of this.

At only 10.5 weeks I look ridiculously pregnant and it was getting ridiculously hard to hide.

Anyway, to answer a few questions, yes, I have been sick.

As far as my morning sickness history goes, I was sick all nine months with my first, seven months with my second, and after a couple diet changes, I finally got to experience second trimester relief. Though I do tend to get sick in the morning or when I get really hungry for my whole pregnancy.

While I don't throw up very often, I tend to live in a never-ending state where it feels like everything is sitting at the base of my throat or half-way up it.

I also experience insomnia and since my back is a bit messed up, lots of back discomfort.

This pregnancy has been a bit different in that my morning sickness seems to have a mind of it's own. Some days I'm okay, other days I'm knocked flat on my back. Some days start off okay then end very badly, and some days are just the opposite.

Very strange.

Still we are surviving and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that in a couple weeks, the worst will be over.

There is more to tell, more I'd like to record just for my own sake more than anything else, but I'll save them for other posts since this one has gone on long enough.

Thank you for all the supportive comments!

Someone asked me the other day if anyone had given me a hard time about having another baby. I said, surprisingly no! Everyone has been very nice about it... well, to my face anyway.

I'm sure there's been a few whispers and comments going on behind my back.

But whatever and who cares.

We are all very excited and happy around here with this soon-to-be addition to our family.

12 super cool people speak:

Shaylee Ann said...

I love you, Serene. I'm glad things are better than I was thinking when I first started reading this. Goodness, it scared me! Love your darling baby bump - I'm so excited to start sporting one too! ;)

Heidi D said...

Congratulations, I will have you in my prayers that things continue to go well for you & your new bump :)

Saimi said...

Holy Cow Serene no I KNOW I need some chocolate! I wish we lived closer to each other so I can come over and help out with the kids, and your chocolate stash!

Hang in there girl the Lord knows what He's doing!

Megan Jones said...

I can't tell you how happy I am that things are going well! Congratulations again on your little one. Love you much!

Neisha said...

I hope everything goes okay for you!!
Congrats on your new little one :)

Raelyn said...

I'm back!! Little Miss Secretive Writing Project is at last complete. {Lord willing. He calls the shots!!} Oh, it feels so good to be back!! ;)
My gosh.... This Blog post provided me with chills, panic, fright, sadness when I was worried about Baby, and, finally a silent prayer. I still cannot wait to "meet" your precious little one!! ;-D
Now, as for bringing into this word yet another baby when you already have five children, allow me to express something. I love, love, love big families!! In fact, my parents had four children!! They are a blessing. ;)

Stina said...

Yay! Congratulations on number 6! I've had a ruptured tube from an ectopic and am so glad you didn't end up with that. What a crazy thing to have going on, though. Looks like this one is making sure he/she gets plenty fussed over from the get-go...but I hope that the rest of your pregnancy is uneventful and you feel well. :)

Sue said...

I will keep you and the baby in my prayers, Serene. It sounds like things are looking pretty good at this point.



Brandy Lynn said...

Serene- I am so excited for you guys!! You are such an amazing person, your I-can-handle-anything attitude is always so inspiring to me. I will keep you in my prayers!! Take care.

Katherine Athey said...

Wow! I was seriously close to tears for you. I'm glad the end got better. :) I'd been wondering if or when you'd have another just because you seem like an awesome momma nad raising those babies is what you seem meant to do. Please keep us informed on your progress. :)

Seth said...

We could only give you a hard time about having #5. ;) Congrats! So glad you and baby are okay.

Mama Smith said...

My first read this...I want you to know...OUR PRAYERS were ANSWERED...We specifically prayed that you would NOT have to make that decision...about our future grandchild's life...FATHER ANSWERED BEAUTIFULLY our prayers...once, again! smile LOVE girl!

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