December 13, 2012

The Independent Dresser

My children are becoming increasingly independent.

They want to slice the cheese with the knife, they want to drive, they want to make money by checking under the couch cushions, they want to cut their own hair and pour their own juice.

It is an excitingly awesome yet painfully horrible phase to go through.

*clenching teeth* And so help me if they spill a bowl of cereal in the morning One. More. Tiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmeee..... eh hem.

Right now, a couple of them are all about picking out their daily outfits.

At least in this area I can boast with great pride that they inherited their amazingly awesome styling skills from me.

What can I say?
Sometimes I amaze myself.

4 super cool people speak:

Shaylee Ann said...

LOVE this. My children are so going to be independent dressers. It will do my heart good (maybe) to see them take after their mother's "Mom/Grandma-would-cringe-if-she-saw-that-outfit-so-I-am-definitely-going-to-wear-it" attitude. X)

Valerie said...

So cute! My youngest has been an independent dresser since she was so little. It's gotten a little better, but still not really what I would choose for her to wear. That's okay though.

Heather S said...

haha. love it!
our kids (girls mostly) put together some {ahem} lovely combinations {cough}. plaids, flowers, dots, camo..

Sue said...


You guys are stylin'.


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