December 6, 2012

Faux Gingerbread Houses

We made our faux gingerbread houses this week! (aka: graham cracker houses that we call gingerbread houses) But hey, at least I bought the cinnamon kind so they were more festive!

And the regular ones were sold out.

It may have started out a little rough, kid crying because they couldn't seem to break their crackers just right, Hubby constantly receiving stressful work texts...

Claira so (not) helpfully re-decorating my kitchen....

it soon became clear that my big plans to have a fun-filled family night decorating faux gingerbread houses was going to turn into a two-day event.

The glue frosting was just too runny even though I had already tripled the amount of powdered sugar I was suppose to use. It was clear the houses would need time to dry before we could attempt decoration.

So Monday was strictly "assembly night".

It started out well enough, with every one concentrating hard on their houses.

Until Claira came to see what all the hallaballoo was about.

Things seemed to be a bit more "mouths on" after that.

Despite being slightly grossed out by the amount of lick-age going on, I enjoyed watching the kids have fun.


"Don't take the frostiiiiiiiiiiiiing......."

I'm feeling pretty confident that's what the grunting and the crying meant.

Sure enough, the next day the frosting was hard as sandstone.

And as soon as daddy walked through the door after work Tuesday night, shouts of frenzied excitement ensued.

Until I cruelly squashed it and insisted they eat their dinner first.

They barely seemed to survive the experience.

Finally, we broke out the candy.

I'm fairly certain I heard the hallelujah chorus start up when I set out all the sugar confections. The kids almost passed out from euphoria.

Things got a little tense there for a moment when someone who-shall-not-be-named *Jo-cough-seph* thought someone else was stealing candy, while another child-who-shall-not-be-named *Clai-cough-ra* didn't like being told "no" as she attempted to plunge her hand into the frosting bowl.

But in the end, we all had a blast.

Man, I love my peeps. They are the greatest!

Even if I did swear under my breath for the third time in my life because last night was so bad.

Just don't tell anyone I admitted to that.

Okay then..... 

Once we were done it was clear baths were in order. Especially this one.

I suppose I should point out that besides being covered in sugary goodness, she had also smeared a hand-full of ketchup in her hair during dinner.

They were so proud.

Now they are constantly pestering me to let them eat their houses.


8 super cool people speak:

Will and Marcie Davis said...

You are awesome!!! Just looking at this makes me want to NEVER....I mean.... TRY this VERY thing with my children!!! And I KNOW we will have the EXACT same controlled chaos! Love you girl! They look great!

J said...

Only 3 swears! Wow, I am impressed...and I also don't swear. Technically ;)

Saimi said...

You get the mommy of the year award!! Nicely done and everyone obviously had a GREAT time. I mean, frosting and candy...those kids have it dialed in, they definitely did it right!!

Mama Smith said...

Remember when we use to make Gingerbread houses? Only...the creativity...went BEYOND houses...Didn't someone make an "outhouse"? Well...I love the tradition you are instituting with the children! SO VERY FUN!!!!!!

the fowlers said...

Is it wrong to want to be covered in frosting after reading this?
Your kids are too cute - they make frosting look even more delicious. Frosting.

Sarbear said...

My mother found after many years of faux gingerbread house making that if you put straight sugar in a sauce pan and let it carmelize you can gently dip the pieces you want to connect to another place it where you want and hold for a moment and as it cools it becomes like cement. This requires a bit more parental supervision as it involves burning sugar and stoves but it makes the assembly process go quite quickly.

Sue said...


Gingerbread houses at our house were always "mouths on."


Erin said...

Melted white chocolate. That's the secret "glue" that makes graham cracker house building turn fun. Throw the house in the fridge for 2 minutes to let the chocolate harden and - viola! - the house is sturdy enough to withstand little kid decorating.

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