December 18, 2012

Overheard in Primary

Not being a "typical" Sunday primary meeting since the kids were all preparing to do a quick nativity at the end of church, all primary aged children (3-11) were together practicing.

At one point, the teacher at the front of the room pulled out a world map, pointed and said, "This is where Jesus was born."

A boy sitting in front of me who clearly struggled with a lisp, said rather incredulously, "In Towkey?"

I couldn't hold back the giggle (yes giggle) that escaped from me.

The boy then turned back to me and with large expressive eyes explained, "No! There really ith a plathe called Towkey!"


In an effort to keep the attention of the huge room full of young children, the music director tried to play some music games.

One game was played where they would sing a song while passing around a crown. Whoever had it when the pianist stopped playing got to choose how they sang the next portion of the song.

One child said, "Like a goat!" So they sang part of the song with bleating voices.  After that, Joseph got the crown and apparently unable to think of anything original, when asked how they were going to sing the next part, he repeated, "Like a goat!"

The music director then pointed out we had just done that, to which Joseph amended, "I mean like a lamb!"

One of the older boys who seems to like being in charge, stated importantly, "What? A lamb? A lamb is just a male goat!"

I pretty much lost all self-control at that point and gave in to the laughter.

2 super cool people speak:

Mama Smith said...

If you collect enough "statements" made by could not only write a book...but ILLUSTRATE it, also...AFTER you finish the illustrations to your FATHER'S Children book! (smile) See, two books already in the making! (smile)

Sue said...

I think you are having more fun in Primary than I ever did!


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