December 27, 2012

Christmas Eve 2012

Christmas Eve... what did we do all day? I can't seem to remember that far back!
It's true. My mind is going... going...
Wait, I do remember for lunch, Alayna put a banana in her turkey and cheese sandwich.


Perhaps I was so traumatized that my mind is trying to block out the days events.
I'm feeling fairly certain that the kids all hung out together and played and fought, and played and cried.
Come evening, the anticipation for Christmas was starting to settle in.
For dinner, we did our traditional "soup in a bread bowl". But instead of doing clam chowder from a can ('cause I'm pretty great like that) like we always do, I decided to up my game and shake things up a bit.

Soup mix in a bag!
It just might be a new tradition.
We also made some homemade sparkling juice.

I'm all about being fancy like that.

While I was slaving over a hot stove to make this terribly difficult meal, the girls decided an appetizer of freshly fallen snow was in order.

I'm surprised they had any room for food after that!

Well, all my slaving and hard work paid off as we sat down to a fancy one-course meal!

The kids seemed to really like it.

After our five-star meal was finished, Savannah insisted that Santa needed cookies and Rudolph needed carrots.

However, in the history of my cookie-making career, I have yet to make a successful batch of sugar cookie dough.

Plus it seems to take forever.

So I did what any good mom would do.

We melted up some chocolate chips, dug out the sprinkles, and crushed some candy canes.

I'm sure Santa didn't mind.
Besides, the kids thought it was greatest thing since animal crackers were invented!

 Oh ya, I'm awesome. I'm sure that's what Claira was saying right here. "Aaaahhhhh!"

That interprets into, "You're so amazing and I'm so glad you're my mom, because cool moms use animal crackers to make Santa's cookies, and they make soup from a bag."

Yup, I can understand everything she says.

I made sure to do my motherly duty and help clean up the leftovers.

I'll all about sacrifice.

Savannah insisted that Rudolph needed chocolate on his carrots.

Rudolph thought they were surprisingly good and may request that all his carrots be served that way from now on.

After cookies were set out, we watched the Nativity with the kids to help them remember the reason we celebrate Christmas.

Let's skip over the part where the kids broke out into a fit of tantrums and go right to the cute stuff.

Once the kids were all tucked away into their beds, Santa paid a visit.

On the kitchen table he left a breakfast gift...

under the tree he left presents...
and on the floor he left unrealistically placed footprints.

However, the next morning, when the kids discovered the footprints....

To Be Continued

4 super cool people speak:

Lalani said...

Your dipped cookies look like a blast! What a great idea!

Mama Smith said...

The Christmas bowls of soup!!!!! So many MEMORIES!!!!! Loved all the pictures! Almost like I was there! day...

Amy said...

Those cookies are the best cookies in the whole wide world and I wish I could eat one right now.

That soup is DELISH!! Makes me want a bread bowl. Yum.

Way to go! You made Christmas Eve so special. You ARE a super Mom!

Sue said...

I like your soup in a bread bowl tradition. So warm and cozy!

Perfect for Christmas Eve.


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