July 13, 2012

T-Ball Revisited.

The first year I put my kids in T-Ball, I hated it. Down-right loathed it to be honest. Seriously, read it and weep, and don't judge.

I'm only perfect every other Wednesday.

After that year I swore off t-ball up and down, left and right, over and under, and yes, even diagonally. I was convinced I was the world's worst mom because I secretly wished lightning would strike the field in the middle of the night and t-ball would be cancelled for the season! Yea!

But alas, it was not to be, I had to endure to the end.

We had managed to survive it that year, but I wasn't ready to inflict more pain and agony upon myself on purpose! When the t-ball coach approached me about it last year, I could only cringe as I looked down at my super-sized baby belly and tried to imagine hauling five kids to the park days after delivering a baby and trying to keep track of all of them as they each went in a different direction.

Well, except for the newborn... obviously.

No can do. Not even with a diaper bag full of chocolate could I swing that.

When I told the coach there was no way, she offered to at least take on Savannah and bring her to the games and drop her back off again. Since Savannah really wanted to play, and the coach was being so helpful about it all, I agreed and even managed to attend her second-to-last game.

The very last game was at 8:00am, so I passed up that "awesome" opportunity.

I like to think of it as... prioritizing.

This year it was only the boys playing - on the same team, which was pure awesomeness. One t-ball game in any given day was more than enough, especially with a one-year old who still enjoys her naps... and eating everything she finds on the ground.

And I confess, I was expecting the worst. But truth be told, it was actually rather... fun this year. *gasp* I know right! I don't know who should feel more shocked! You or me!

But Savannah is finally old enough I can let her go off to the playground that is across the field by herself, and even take Alayna along, and know she'll be okay. Claira never wanders off, she likes to stay close to me. And with both boys off playing, it was... well, easy! It really was! I even cheered them on quite annoyingly loud and vigorously.

It's a side of me I never knew existed.

I really think the boys enjoyed playing together.

Except once, when they both ran after the ball, reached it at the same time, and after some WWE wrestling, Jacob was victorious.

Joseph threw down his mitt.

And crossed his arms.

And maybe even shouted some unsportsmanlike things.

It was hilarious.

Don't judge me, it was my off Wednesday.

But other than that, they got along pretty well.

Being t-ball and all, other than watching the kids frantically chase the ball all over the field, the best part of it was the batting and the running.

Jacob had his own unique style. He would literally be running towards first base before he finished out his swing. It was like... mid-swing his feet would just, start moving!

Joseph on the other hand, had gotten in trouble for unintentionally throwing the bat after he hit the ball. And since other kids were doing it as well, there came a rule that if you threw down the bat, you lost your turn.

Well, Joseph did not want to lose his turn!

He would swing, then pause to watch where the ball went for a moment, before carefully laying down the bat. Only then would he run towards first base.

 All in all, it was a pretty fun experience.

I may actually be excited to do it again next year! Maybe....

Savannah can't play t-ball anymore since she's too old, but we agreed she could do a dance or gymnastics class of some kind. We settled on tumbling, and after trying out the class, she seemed to really enjoy it so we put her in for the next month. 

When her class was over yesterday, I went to get her and as we were walking out of the building, I asked her how it went.

Her reply was, "Good... except my bum is all sweaty."

The lady behind us burst out laughing. 

2 super cool people speak:

Sue said...

It's cool that they could be on the same team. And only one game to go to is perfect.


Natalie said...

I was so glad to read your original post about T-ball. That was my exact experience this year with Candace on the team and me chasing 3 boys (4, 2 and 1) around and keep them out of trouble. It literally brought me to tears at her last game.

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