July 18, 2012

Let's Dance

The other day after her bath, Alayna wanted to wear a dress. She loves to wear dresses and changes them about six times a day.

Oh, and rotates though four pairs of pants, five different shirts, and three different pairs of underwear, just to keep things interesting.

No wonder I despise laundry so much. I swear half of what I wash is still clean, but I'm not about to go sniffing to make sure.

Even I have my limits.

Well, on this particular morning after I gave her the dress, Jacob came in, looked at her and exclaimed in apparent awe, "Alayna! You look beautiful! Let's dance."

And off they went....

This motherhood thing is a tough gig and last week I was struggling to maintain my sanity. But dang if they just go and do the most adorable things.

I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Except for maybe Willy Wonkas chocolate factory...... nah.

7 super cool people speak:

Amy said...

Awe, how cute is that?

I kinda wish Bret would say that to me. Followed by a dance. Ha ha!

Garden of Egan said...

So cute!!!
Life is so busy for you!

Sarah said...

That's so darn tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute! Cute, cute, cute babies.
Can we have our babies AND eat our chocolate too!?:)
Let's call and talk about shoes some time :)

Sue said...

They are way too cute!


Just Your Average Mommy said...

Just found your blog - your blog title photo literally made me laugh out loud! The crying child, the glance between you and your husband - priceless!

Sarah said...

You know what I finally did to save my laundry pile? I printed out the word 'Clean' four times and taped 2 of those on opposite sides of 2 different laundry baskets, one in the girl's room by their dress-up and one in the bathroom.

I kid you not that it cut my laundry in half in the first week - more than that once they got used to using the baskets. A few dirty clothes would accidentally end up in the clean clothes baskets occasionally and some clean clothes inevitably made it into the regular laundry basket but oh, the laundry it saved.

Brittney said...

awwww that's so adorable!! Ditto to Amy, my husband should do that :)

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