March 19, 2012

Little Green Men

I try, you know? I really do try.

But Friday night at our house was the epitome of Bad Mood Invasion. 

Everyone was cranky, right down to deceptively innocent looking one in diapers.

But I was determined! I was! We were going to do it! Because gosh-darn-it, memories were going to be made! Happy ones! Because I said so!

*clearing throat* Said ever so lovingly of course.

We make Leprechaun traps for St. Patrick's Day ever year. And I'm woman enough to admit that the ones we've made in the past were kind of lame. But this year, I found a way cute idea at

So I started making the traps with the intent and hope that the kids would all join in and we would have a grand ole' time as a family.

Heh, ya............. You know what? Let's just skip over the whole attitude part altogether and imagine us all frolicking through a world made of chocolate.

So much better.

But despite the cranky-kids-who-will-not-be-named, they really were excited about their traps.

And wa-la! Three traps in one.

What can I say? The kids had to add their own "personal touches".

You see, the ever questioning Savannah insisted that the Leprechauns would be too smart for traps and demanded to know all the mechanics of how they would work. The two hats with false tops were easy to explain. The hanging basket set to land over the cup? Not so much.

I'm sure I mumbled a lot, and "hey what's that over there?" a time or two.

Because I couldn't figure it out either.

And in case you're wondering what that big, weird, white thing is? It's the basket disguised as a cloud.

Yes, yes it is.

I was fresh out of cotton balls so I had to improvise.

Toilet paper seemed the next best thing!

And the spoons in the cup? Savannah's idea. Something shiny to attract the Leprechauns.

Oh ya. We're awesome.

Soon the kids were in bed, excited to see what their new Leprechauns would look like as they planned out their three wishes.

I, on the other hand, stayed up late making a bunch of newborn headbands and at 1:30am, finally went to bed.

So when the kids were up and pestering me the next morning before 7am, I couldn't crack open my eyes. I swear someone glued them shut. So like any totally awesome and incredibly amazing mom would do, I simply pulled the covers over my head and gave them permission to check their traps.

I may not have had the strength to haul my carcass out of bed to get pictures of the kids, but I smiled as I heard all the exclamations of wonder and excitement when the kids discovered all the goodies left behind by the mischievous little green men.

Maybe next year, they will be really cool and leave behind little green footprints and a note.


7 super cool people speak:

Mama Smith said...


Amy said...

Awe, that is so cute! I didn't even wear green half the day.
I'm a scrooge.

Anonymous said...

really cute!

Sue said...

Good job, Mom!


balloongal said...

I LOVE FamilyFun. We get so many ideas from there. We also made leprechaun traps this year. So fun.
-Kristin Telford

Cherie said...

Those definately were the coolest traps I've seen.
Making memories - You are doing it mom - Good job!

Sarah said...

You're the BEST Mommy Ever! I LOVE you! Just LOVE you to pieces! Let's be friends :)

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