March 7, 2012

Joseph Turns Six

Joseph had a birthday.


I hear this happens every year, but time seems to be going by faster and faster while I'm getting slower and slower.

And wrinklier.

I think kids need to ask permission before growing up, it's only fair.

He turned six years old and I thought he would make a big deal out of it and want a party and presents and cake and ice cream and balloons and all the trimmings!! But he didn't really ask for those things, well, other then the cake. His birthday seems to have come and gone without a huge fuss.

That actually makes me feel kind of bad. So I'm going to stretch out his birth-day into a birth-week.

Monday - Bowling with the family
Tuesday - Cake
Wednesday - Balloons
Thursday - Present shopping (he'll get to pick out what he wants this year)
Friday - Invite friends to play.

At least, that's the plan. And we all know how well I stick to plans.

Hey you, over there behind that computer! I heard you laughing, er, snorting really. And you! Did you just... Roll. Your. Eyes? *gasp* Rude.

I can stick to a plan! Sort of..... well, there's a first for everything ya know!

Anyway, yeesh, where were we.

So Monday we drove a couple towns over to hit up the big fancy bowling alley (we had a coupon).

The kids were so excited I thought they were going to pass out!

But there was one thing I never expected, a blasted arcade was in the same building. And for my kids, arcade trumps just about anything in this life.

So sure, we had fun, but there was plenty of whining going in in between because all the boys wanted was money for the arcade!

It wasn't so bad when they were actually bowling, just when they had to wait their turn. And with six of us on a lane, it took a while.

Birthday boy!!

It got pretty darn serious at times.

Life and death really.

Savannah tried her luck at rolling the ball but when that didn't go very far very fast, she opted for the easy method.

She likes to win!! She gets that from her Granny.

Oh, don't looked all shocked and surprised mom, you know it's true. Haha!

Jacob was just happy there were snacks.

But I think of all the kids, Alayna was the one who had the most fun. That girl was just a big fluffy ball of bursting energy.

Every time she knocked some pins over, she jumped around shouting, "Ya ya ya! I win I win!"

It was so bad you could hardly bowl 'cause she was always in the way!

My brother Abe and his wife Annie and their twins came over to hang out with us.

Aren't they cute?

The twins kept Claira company.... sort of, while Abe had to go and show off.

Pish, whatever. Just because I kept getting gutter balls....

I'm pretty sure that in this picture I'm shouting at the ball to "stay in target... stay on target..." but clearly I lack The Force. Yoda and I need to chat.  I think I hit one pin, on the end.

And then Hubby had to go and kick my trash with all his fancy moves.

Whatever. I did my part by standing around and making fun of myself.  Comic relief, that's what I'm here for.

Apparently my backside was the only part of me that was ever aimed at the camera.

That's called evasive talent.

Or something.

After bowling we finally let the kids go wild on the arcade for a while. Which is a nightmare in and of itself.

You know what? Let's just not talk about it, okay?

Alright fine, if you must know, Joseph's family night party started with laughter and excitement, and ended in tears.

Because we didn't have enough tickets for all the kids to get a prize.

Five bucks in tokens will only get you so far.

Anyway, by Tuesday morning life was good again (thank goodness) and so last night we broke out the cake!

Yea, yea, yea. No mocking thank-you-very-much. Just because poor Sonic looks like he needs to shave doesn't mean you need to give ME a hard time about it. It's not like I had anything to do with that!


Oh well, at least Joseph was okay with my lack of cake decorating skills.

Claira rather enjoyed all the festivities!

Happy birthday little buddy! Despite all my shortcomings as a parent, I hope you will always know how much I love you. 'Cause I do, lots and lots.

Oh... hi Jacob! Sure, you can join in the picture too. I need more pictures with my handsome boys.

Don't mind us.

It just comes naturally.

10 super cool people speak:

gigi said...

Very cute post :) Six year olds rock!

Amy said...

I think your cake looks good. So there.

Sue said...

Those last photos are so cute. And so was the cake, by the way!


Monica McCoy said...

I really cannot believe he is 6 now. So lame to say, but time really does fly.

Mama Smith said...

Before all your blogger followers have this WRONG IDEA about me...I do want to clear my name...Yes, I do WIN....ALOT...BUT, from my "quiet" skills...NOT my "competitiveness..." (smile) To prove my point...I don't cry or get mad when I lose......not any more......anyway....(smile)

I LOVED the bowling pictures! That would have been SO FUN! I would have LOVED to play...especially...against Abe...but, then...I am NOT competitive...just simply...LOVE TO PLAY....I can't HELP IT...if I could very likely...WIN...What can I say?

Vanessa said...

I think your cake looks great... A whole week of birthday. Considering that all 3 of my kids birthday fall with in 3 weeks period... Wow tha would men party for almost a whole month straight. Oh I hope they never hear about how awesome you are. I think we will stick with one or two days...

Garvin Smith said...

Just to set the record straight: "In the mouth of two or more witnesses shall every word be established." Nine (9) (IX) [(5x2)-1] (3x3) people will testify that Sarah's account of competitiveness is true. Just sayin'.

Larsen said...

Hey Bowlingbum. Hee heee! Love it.

So Happy Birthday Joseph! I mean week. I think that's a good plan, and I am sure you can follow trhough. I wasn't laughing or mocking just now either.

And I think SONIC looks incredible. I can't do that!

Talk to you soon!

Courtney said...

I can't believe he is 6, and your cake looks awesome!

Brenick said...

nice backside ;)

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