December 13, 2010

Propriety and Fashion

I sometimes envy my children, their innocence and total inhibition. Because lets be honest, if I didn't exercise a bit of my parental supervision abilities from time to time, my kids would basically live in their underwear, on a good day. Seems the birthday suit is most preferable around here though.

I lost my ability to be comfortable doing that eons ago.

You should feel grateful.

Still, generally speaking, I try to maintain some sense of propriety around here. I only let my boys fight imaginary bad guys in their underwear for an hour before making them put on something more.

I do this because I still have nightmares of seeing my oldest brother in his tighty-whiteys... as a teenager. Some things you just can't scrub from your memory no matter how desperately you try.

So yes, there is only so much fighting-of-bad-guys-in-underwear allowed around here.

But since the weather has become a bit cooler, the latest fashion trend is to wear pajamas all day.

And I'm good with that, I am. On the days we don't go anywhere who cares if they want to stay in their jammies all day? I don't. They are just as active, busy, and messy in their jammies as they are in their clothes.

Besides, fighting-of-bad-guys-in-jammies is better then the former, I think. You should be proud of me!

But since little Miss Alayna has taken to stripping down to her nothings, I have had to put my foot down and insist she take care of the essentials. Thankfully, she's willing to negotiate.

There are just some messes I just don't care to clean up, you know?

And since fashion in obviously her forte', I want you to know, she is trying to bring back leg warmers, even if they are just daddy's dirty socks.


I'm willing to bet there are a few of you who have leg warmers hidden in bottom of your drawer. It's okay, fess up. We're all friends here.

I'm just not quite sure how the hairstyle will take though....

15 super cool people speak:

Kristina P. said...

Is he doing the Jersey Shore fist pump?


Dude, legwarmers rule! Both my kids (6-month daughter and 21-month son) sport legwarmers (AKA Babylegs and other non-brands) year-round, but especially in the fall/winter. Too cute. They've never worn them OVER their pants though... generally underneath, or by themselves as the ultimate diaper accessory :)

Sue said...


I do have one pair of left-over leg warmers that I kept...just in case.


Renee said...

Actually, check the internet and other blogs, leg warmers are back. :) Most are making their kids leg warmers out of old socks, see Alayna is already fashion forward. LOL

Lisa said...

Oh, Serene. Never stop posting pictures of your Alayna. The moon boots and nakedness put a happy smile to a Monday morning. Something that is sometimes hard to do. :):):)

Neisha said...

jammies are my kids' favorites too and I'm the same way if we stay home

Saimi said...

Your kids are on to something, I'm all about comfy stay at home clothes!

Jammies, sweats, leg warmers...yep!
It's all about comfort!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Are you kidding me? I do my hair like that daily!

Patty Ann said...

Love it!! They are way too cute, but I agree with you on the underwear thing. My grandson prefers to wear a large t-shirt and nothing on underneath. So, every time I go over He is pretty close to naked!! I laugh, scream, cover my eyes and get that boy some tighty whities. Yep, I think I would rather have the underwear than the alternative.

The Bagley Family said...

My kids prefer nothing but undies too...they say they can jump better in undies;)

As for leg warmers...I remember my bright purple legwarmers:) They were so cool over my figure skates:)

Ya, I was super cool too:)

Mama Smith said...

I am all for...staying in WARM JAMMIES all day...Think of all the time we save...not having to get undressed in the morning to put clothes on for the day (which requires putting away those warm jammies)...then, to get undressed, again...and put your warm jammies back on in the evening...(requiring, again, the putting away of the clothes you had to wear all day...) Why not stay COMFORTABLE ALL DAY...and use that extra time...for life more time to read a GOOD BOOK! Just thinking on how to use my time more all...(smile)

Amanda Joy said...

We are in the "stay in our firetruck jammies all day" phase with Asher. Fortunately we have three pairs we can rotate through. Who cares if they were last years jammies, and they look like they are stretched enough to cause his legs to boomerang back to his body. He doesn't, so we go with it:)

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Seriously, those leg socks are something I TOTALLY want! I would stay so warm! She has got the right idea!

Gina said...

Oh, this makes me feel all kinds of better. I make my kids get dressed every day. Every single day. Throughout the day, however, I don't enforce "staying" dressed. When they go to the bathroom, they don't put back on their pants, just the underpants. I'm cool with that. When they change into a Batman costume and then never put their shirt back on, again, I'm cool.

My mother thinks I'm raising hooligans because by the time we get on a webcall with her in the evening, they're always in one sock and underpants.

M-Cat said...

Sissy and I would fit in so well at your house!

And I SO WANT legwarmers to come back! Serio!

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