December 2, 2010

Food cravings and 7 Layer Dip

I just read this on the Milan Maternity Blog. "I remember with every pregnancy having my husband run out at 1am [or later] to grab something I had to have RIGHT then."

I rolled my eyes and humphed.

As great as my hunk of man is, I can promise you that if there is one thing he would not do for me, is run out in the middle of the night to get me something I was craving. Heck, he wouldn't even go across the dang parking lot at our old apartment to get me a candy bar out of the vending machine at 10pm!

True story.

He's a guy, a logical, factual, engineer. So yes, as delicious as he is, running out in the middle of the night to get something just isn't logical.

Lucky for him, I've never woken up in the middle of the night and forced him out of bed to go get me something. In truth, it does sound rather silly to me too.

Still, crossing a parking lot at 10pm to get me a candy is perfectly logical. And I'll never let him live it down.

Because I don't hold grudges.

But I've softened him up with each passing pregnancies. Now he just kind of quirks an eyebrow at me when I come home from the store with something a bit out of the ordinary. He knows better than to mess with my stash of strangeness. 

(Disclaimer: My husband always reads my blog and knows I'm just teasing and giving him a hard time... so very lovingly of course...  *insert perfectly evil sweet and innocent smile*) 

Anyway, my big thing is that I detest cooking when I'm pregnant. It's just the way it is. I still do of course, but grudgingly. If we could afford it, I can promise you we'd be eating out every night.

*sigh... Olive Garden, how I yearn for thee...*

And of course last night was no exception. I didn't feel like cooking but I had no excuse since I had just gone grocery shopping and even splurged on a few extra things. So naturally, and like any good woman would do, I tried to find a way around it.

I scanned my dinner list trying to find the easiest, fastest meal on my list. I fixed my eyes upon "7 Layer Dip" Now technically, its an appetizer, not a dinner. And I had had plans to make it with something else but decided, I could probably get away with just the dip.

So I did. 

I saw the look that crossed my husband's face when he saw it. Kind of a  "uh, seriously?" look, but I ignored it and ate my dinner.

When he did tease me about it later, being the sweet and loving wife that I am, I told me he could start cooking dinner from now on.

That's true love.

Anyway, I'm sure many of you know this recipe but I'll throw it out there just in case. It makes a great appetizer for parties and what-naught. Or, you can me like me, and just make it for dinner.

Just don't tell your husbands you got it from me.

The best part is, no cooking required! Yea! 

7 Layer Dip 

First Layer - One large can of refried beans

Second Layer - Four to Five ripe avocados, mashed up and mixed with salt, pepper, and a little lemon juice. (Okay, I always skip this layer, because quite frankly, avocados and just down-right nasty. Worse that brussel sprouts! Nothing could save this deplorable vegetable, not even chocolate. I shudder thinking about all the times I would try to avoid this layer when my parents made this only to accidentally get a mouthful of the green goop. *shudder*) 

Third Layer - 1 lb carton of sour cream mixed with a packet of taco seasoning

Fourth Layer - Shredded chedder or montery jack cheese, as much as desired

Fifth Layer - About a half cup of finely chopped onions

Sixth Layer - A can of black olives, coarsely chopped (I'm thinking two cans would be better next time)

Seventh Layer - Diced tomatoes, as much as desired (I had to leave one part of it tomato free since my kids seems to think they are gross)

Optional eighth layer - Add some more shredded cheese on top

Dig in with some chips! Yum!


30 super cool people speak:

Kristina P. said...

It's always the life of the party.

Sue said...

It's always a big hit at my house, too. We make it every Christmas Eve.


PS. My husband would NEVER go to the store in the middle of the night unless it were an emergency. On the other hand, on a good day, he would likely go get the candy bar at 10 PM., but he would murmur. (Yet, like yours, he's a keeper. An accountant, however, and not an engineer.)

Amy said...

I totally agree... cooking sucks while you're pregnant.
And I'd also never make my husband go get me something at one a.m. just cuz i wanted it. I think that's completely ridiculous. For goodness sake, yes we're pregnant but that doesn't mean he has to be our short-order slave!

I kinda wish he were around right now to make me some potstickers though. I'm on bed rest and don't know if I'm allowed to make them for myself.

iamwoman said...

Avacados are nasty? Girl, we just can't be friends anymore! They are eaten like apples in my house.

And I LOVE 7-layer dip. It's the perfect dinner. I would totally make it tonight, but I don't have an avacado on hand;)

Ben, Heather and kids said...

mmm.. 7 layer dip could be a meal in our house.. shoot.. just add browned hamb. with taco seasoning.. and it is :)

We always make up meals ahead to freeze for AFTER the babies born...seems like we should have froze meals for BEFORE the babies born. It's cold enough here, we could all mail you a dish and it would be froze by the time you got it!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

No cooking... that's great any time!

kelly said...

You're knocking guac AND cravings? I have grown to love guac and have few cravings with my pregnancies ( more like temporary cast offs, so, opposite cravings) so maybe we can't be blog friends anymore... OOOOR I will volunteer to eat all the guac that comes your way and it will be a perfect arrangement! :)

Dang, now I want bean dip.

The Martos Fudge said...

Wow... for a second there I though I was reading something out my own blog. It must be an engeneer thing. My husband WILL NEVER go anywhere, at anytime of the day to get something I am craving... LOVE the man. but he is not much help with the craving department. Do they think we make this stuff up? And cooking is a cursed thing from down low. I hate cooking when I am pregnant. Maybe we should have a pity party at my house and lets order in.

Sara Lyn said...

You don't like avocados and yet you like tons of olives? You're crazy! :) Actually, I can't believe I didn't know you hated avocados. What kind of friend am I? Your dip is making me drool.

Meagan said...

I had to comment because just as I was reading about your dislike of avacados, the only avacado commercial I've ever heard came on. How strange eh? Anyway, I'm impressed that you are cooking much at all. I think we're keeping the Mac n' Cheese industry going. I'm always the worst cook at the beginning and end of my pregnancies.

ldsjaneite said...

You can send the avocado dip my way!

Garvin Smith said...

Interesting. I just made two batches of 7-layer dip for us. BUT, my avocado layer had seven or eight, maybe nine avocados in it! Yours is only a 6-layer dip!
Also, get the finely shredded cheese, it's better.

MommyJ said...

iamwoman took my comment. Seriously Serene... I was thinking up this wonderful comment in my head the entire time I was reading about the time when I was pregnant with my first and I was trying to cook ground beef and it was so disgusting I had to leave my kitchen all together and then get in the car and drive to kentucky fried chicken...

But now, NOW all I can think about is how sad your life must be without avocados. I mean, have you HAD my guacamole?

Impulsive Addict said...

I like you.
I like reading you.
But I may have to end our relationship.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE avocado and I'm not sure I can be friends (or stalk people) who don't share the same love of that deliciousness piece of green fruit.

And I dislike mushrooms and onions. Maybe this just isn't meant to be....

Dang it.

Cheeseboy said...

There ain't nothing better than a 7LD.

And no worries, I wouldn't even go out into the garage in the summer to get my wife a Coke. (although, to be fair, she really shouldn't have been drinking coke when pregnant.)

The Damsel In Dis Dress said...

Um. 7 layer dip sounds like dinner to me.

Beans. Vegetables. Dairy. Yup.

the fowlers said...

it's totally a meal.
and my husband is the same way. in fact, i think i recall you mentioning that your husband didn't really rub your feet, either? or was that someone else?
anyway, you're not the only one with a wonderful husband who doesn't happen to do some of those cliche little things. :) i'm sure he has his own way of making you smile instead.

Mama Smith said...

I know I raised you up better than that! NO AVOCADOS? I eat ONE nearly a DAY! LOVE THEM!!!!!! You must be lacking that cool "avocado" gene...It was your Dad's fault...

Claudia said...

After reading your post I asked my husband if he would run out to the store and buy pepperoni at 1:00am if I were pregnant? His response: "Which stores are opened at 1:00AM?" I smiled and said, never mind and then he said, no seriously, now I want pepperoni and am craving it. Where's the nearest 24 hr. store! LOL

T said...

leaving the avocado out is grounds for dis-fellowship. You aren't allowed to call is 7 layer dip if it doesn't have the MOST important layer!!! why bother if you're not throwing in the fatty goodness???

okay, okay - we can still be friends - given my aversion to chocolate I suppose I can overlook your Guac-free life. but it was a close call.

The only thing I ever craved were potatoes (fries, tots, whatever) and salad... a 7 layer dip looks like a MUCH better dinner than the time I threw a pan full of Tater Tots in to bake and told ManOfTheHouse that if he wanted something different he was welcome to cook whatever he wanted.

Megan Jones said...

Well now I'm thinking I need to stop at the store on my way home from work! I totally agree about the avocados-GROSS!! But tomatoes? Really? Ick. Now I have to face another 9 hours before I get off and can make that yummy goodness! Oh and the sour cream-taco seasoning thing sounds interesting! Haven't tried it before but I think I will now!

hjsmith said...

Yumm-oh I love 7 layer dip.
Like your wonderful hubby mine(your big brother(: ) wouldnt get me anything I craved either no matter what pregnancy I am on...mind you tums yes only cause heart burn is so bad....I remember saying with our first pregnancy "oh I really could go for (I forgot what is was really).... and said I really needed it. It must be a craving" Hubby's response..."it will pass" and eventually unfullfilled it did(: but doesnt that sound like your bro(: hehehe Gotta love our hubbies(: and I think if you can have breakfast for dinner why not sides too(: mmmmm I want 7 layer dip and nachos(: oh well it will pass(:
Have a great day(:

Garden of Egan said...

Looks like yumminess!
I can certainly understand.

Pregnancy cravings? Never had them.

Hated cooking while pregger. YUP.
To this day I can't smell food cooking in my crock pot all day. I'll head for the porcelin every time.

Christy Carlson said...

I think it is a great meal...protein, veggies, dairy. I have made halves of the recipe to feed my family of 3 dinner. :)

Also I must be tired tonight but I was reading the about you section on the top left of your page and had to read it twice cause it says 4 kids 6 to 22 months. Reading the 6 as months also.

Anyway have a great day! And enjoy some chocolate!

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

I just had to laugh at the amount of your dish that you dedicated to your children. :) I guess the rest was for you and your eye-rolling hubby? That's great. I love 7-layer dip but I've never actually made it myself. I'll have to add it to my repetoire of pathetically easy dinners.

One Cluttered Brain said...

Wait, you don't like avocados?
uh oh.
i'm not sure if we can even be friends anymore...BEST part. Seriously.

At least you like chocolate.

So You might be good.

Jessica said...

I have made layer dip and called it dinner too- I wasn't pregnant and I don't think it even had 7 layers. Yum!

M-Cat said...

NGL - I do have amazing 7 layer dip. And we totally have it for dinner. Can't stand to be in the same room with everyone the next day (killer on the GI tract), but tastes so GOOD!

Marcie said...

We have 7 layer dip for dinner all the time. I don't like avacados either but I do like the avacado dip (Dean's) that already has some taco seasoning mixed in. I buy that for the 2nd layer. I can't believe you like onions, though. Especially while pregnant. Yuck. And where's the lettuce layer? I want to go make this right now. Except that we don't have canned refried beans, only dehydrated ones from the cannery. So first I have to hydrate them (cook them with water) and then let them cool. Maybe tomorrow.

Kent said...

How is it that Britt hasn't commented on this yet? We have had many conversations (debates) about whether or not 7 Layer Dip is a meal...especially when it's 5 layer dip because she doesn't like some of the layers :)

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