November 17, 2009

A word from my kids to me

Dear mom,

The problem with this blog is that you always write things from your perspective. But you don't understand what its like to be our age! I don't think you were ever a kid. So we're going to try and help you understand a few things from our point of view.

First, thanks for getting down that huge pile of blankets from way up high on that shelf that you have such a hard time reaching and that you dislike so much because after you take all that time to fold the blankets and try to get them back up onto that high shelf they fall down on your head and so you have to refold them all, several times. Your words of course.

But mom, all those blankets and Grandma's couch that we get to have in our house for a couple weeks makes the perfect throne. At least, until I decide its a magic bed.

Of course, we boys have to have our fun too! And I know you've put the couch back together twice today already, but you got to admit, the cushions make the perfect stables!

Because Jacob is a horse and I'm Batman. He's my horse, cause Batman needs a horse, everyone knows that.

We will now break for a brief commercial. This building stuff is quite exhausting. (elevator music plays in the background)

Mom, I hope you are starting to see things they way we do. Now, I know you didn't care to have that whole bucket of fake food strewn all over the stairs, but come on. Daddy doesn't let us eat on the carpet so this is our way of acting out! We're seeing what it might be like to have a picnic on the stairs. You adults are just SOOO worried about stains. Come on, we're big kids now and we won't make a mess!

(screaming from the back room) Don't worry mom, we weren't fighting. I was just having a baby! The boys were helping me. Why are you looking at me like that?

Should we take another commercial break? Okay... you grown-ups can be so weird sometimes. Like we're growing up too fast or something. But I'm here to tell you, that we're not growing up fast enough! You have no idea what its like to be so young. You just don't understand. Humph!

(elevator music starts up)

Now mom, don't get mad. We know you spent all weekend cleaning but, being a super hero is messy business!

I mean, you have NO IDEA what its like to have people depend on you for everything! Especially when you're an Indian superhero!

Well, we have to make wonderful pictures of all our great and marvelous accomplishments. Don't worry about the crayons and pencils thrown all over the kitchen. It adds color and flair to the room! Don't you think? Oh... Let's take a commercial break.

(roll elevator music)

Sorry about the water mess in the bathroom. We were just trying to make magic potions. I didn't think we would spill so much water every where. And sorry that Alayna found the plunger. I know how much that grosses you out.

See mom? You don't have it so bad. Just remember that we are Queens and Kings and you are the servant. And you have to do everything we say.

I mean, come on, its not everyday you get to have a tiger over for dinner! How bad could it be to be a mom?

Your adorbale, and prefectly brilliant children.

P.S. We're hungry. Can we have some ice cream?

6 super cool people speak:

Heidi said...

Love it. You're so awesome as a mom and a woman. And look at Alayna's teeth! Thanks for the pictures! :-)

Jess said...


Sara Lyn said...


Mama Smith said...

The day will come...when your floors will stay spotless...crying will cease...laundry will be done once a week...instead of two or three times a bill goes down...electricity bills start to look reasonable, again...and the "quiet"....oh...the "quiet"....But, you will find yourself looking out the of your children will be stopping by....and bringing the "little grandchildren" that Granny will have a get her kitchen...messy once again...

Kira said...

Mama Smith, I hear that is true and mourn the day. It is constant work, but the quiet moments of my nights are sometimes too quiet, and when they are not in the house or yard with me, I am lost.

casey and justine said...

you are hilarious! I especially enjoyed the elevator music.

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