November 2, 2009

What we were REALLY doing last week - Part 1

There are an atrocious amount of pictures in this post so beware.

Well, it would appear that Halloween gets more and more complicated each year. My kids got to dress up FOUR times! Savannah did five times.

Let's see, first up, was the Halloween carnival at Savannah's school. And boy was it ever a nightmare. And no, no Halloween pun intended.

It started out decent enough. The kids picked out their costumes and thanks to my neighbor who gave us a huge bucket of costumes to borrow from, there were plenty of choices.

Although, Savannah did opt to wear her "good witch" outfit from last year.

But why was the carnival such a nightmare?

~It was blazing HOT inside the school.

~We would wait 15 minutes in a line so the kids could play a 30 second game. Have you ever tried to stand in a line with a bunch of antsy toddlers who just want to run up and play? Believe me, its worse than standing in the lines at Disney World at the peak of tourist season. (and since I grew up in Florida, yes, I would know.)

~If they did NOT accomplish the game objective, they didn't get a prize. It caused serious problems. Serious, serious problems.

~The whole time we were there, but especially the last half hour, Joseph was crying and screaming his head off! Yes, we were THAT family that everyone stares at and pities, wondering what kind of awful parents that poor wailing child has.

So, dress-up event number one... check.

Before moving on to dress-up event number two, I must interject that my younger brother Abraham (or as my boys most affectionately called him, Uncle Ham) flew out on Wednesday from Florida for a visit.

And he took a few shots of us in our element. The secrets of my everyday home life are starting to get a little scarce.

Here Heidi, I decided to include this picture just for you. After my pictures of those carrots from the garden you said you wanted to see what my toes look like. Well, here you go. But don't worry, its not a close-up so you won't get too frightened.

Come Thursday morning, my brother was still snapping pictures. Yes, its true. This is what we generally look like in the mornings.

My boys don't believe in using tables.

Ummm... I believe this next picture was aimed at the barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen joke but since I'm not pregnant well, sorry Abe, it just doesn't work out for ya.

But I know all of you have been dying to see the back of my head so go ahead and mark that off your to do list. See the back of Serene's head... check!

Aaaahhh... eewww. I do NOT look good with bangs. Remind me to never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever (deep breath) ever ever ever ever cut them again.

Okay, moving on to Thursday night. We were invited to a Halloween party. I can't seem to recall ever being invited to once since I've been married. SO I think I can safely say that it was the first non-ward Halloween party I've been to in over six years.

Because we are SO popular like that.

The kids changed up their costumes. Alayna was a bee, and she HATED the costume.

Savannah went with the bat and Joseph as the pumpkin. Jacob went as himself. He was just feeling too cool to put on a costume.

It was fun, and I made myself sick on candy corn. Lots and lots of candy corn. I'm surprised I didn't dissolve in the shower the next day.

Dress-up event number two... check.

Moving on to Friday afternoon.

Every year Luke's employing company shuts down the office early and lets all the families of employees trick-or-treat at the office.

This time Savannah went as a Ladybug, which she insisted was a butterfly and was a size 2T (you can imagine how well that fit), Joseph as the bat and Jacob, actually willing to dress-up for the first time, as the pumpkin.

Alayna went as Nemo again. LOL, they can be so stinking cute!

Savannah the photographer snapping a few shots.

At the office,

Jacob pretty much ate his candy as he got it.

And the kids got all sorts of lovely noise makes. Unfortunately, they weren't willing to trade them in for more candy. For Christmas I'm requesting high class ear plugs.

But Alyana wasn't about to miss out on any opportunities that happen to present themselves.

Dress-up event number three... check.

Tomorrow I'll finish off the weekend and maybe, just maybe, you'll get to see me all dressed up. I'll also be mentioning how much I LOATHE making salsa.

I've given you fair warning. What you choose to do with it is up to you.

4 super cool people speak:

Courtney said...

I think your bangs look great! Your family is so cute, I just can't believe how big they have all gotten.

Heidi said...

I love the Nemo costume! She is so cute in it. All the kids look great. And I feel so special that you included a toe picture just for me. They look okay from over here! :-)

And the thought did come to me--living near Orlando and you still went to Disney World during tourist season?! Of course, if you have a group of friends or a good book....

Mama Smith said... I LOVED seeing these pictures...I had to laugh at all the "choices" that got to choose from....Don't you just love NEIGHBORS...who make life so much "easier"...(smile)

Tabitha (From Single to Married) said...

You seriously have the cutest kids - love their costumes too!

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