November 9, 2009

A Few of my Favorite Things

Well after all, Savannah is a girl too!

A made bed seems to encourage creativity.

Savannah is of the firm belief that putting glow sticks in the freezer will make them last forever.

Well? Whoever said a pantry was just for food?

The perfect day. What is a perfect day? A perfect day is when ALL the kids play together for hours without fighting.

Even at the expense of a mattress' life span.

Even when the kids dress themselves. (gotta love Joseph's camouflage shorts with his red stripe shirt)

And, well... what can I say? The floor is just so much more fun to eat on then the table. My broom is well used.

I would also like to add HOT WATER to my list of favorite things. Especially since we have been out of it for a week now and probably won't get it fixed for another day or two. We're waiting on parts.

I feel like a pioneer. Boiling water on the stove so we can take warm baths everyday and so I can pour it into my washing machine so I can wash our clothes. Luckily, the dishwasher seems to heat the water on its own.

So yes, hot water is most definitely on my favorite things list.

3 super cool people speak:

Heidi said...

Something about Idaho and no hot water--I knew there were other reasons I didn't want to live there! :-) Unless that only happens to your family.

And I have the same belief about glow sticks in the freezer.

Mother Smith said...

Love the little bear...that was made along with the bed...I think it "adds" to a otherwise..."normal" looking bed...(smile) I had to smile over the two pair of shoes...and the toys in the pantry...(smile)

Valerie said...

I hope you get your hot water back soon!!

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