July 22, 2013

On a Sunday Afternoon

I gotta be honest, Sunday did not start out so well. I felt like we were in for a looooong day and I was in for a good guilt trip over winning the "Worst Mother Ever" award.

But surprisingly, things got better as the day progressed. 

After church, I wasn't feeling too good so I fell asleep on the couch for a little while and Hubby made the kids lunch... then cleaned up afterwards.

*sniffle* It was so sweet. I think I may have just fallen in love with him all over again.

After lunch, the kids kept asking me to tie their blankets and transform them into superhero capes.

Soon we had all sorts of bad guys falling before the mighty hands of justice!

Except Joseph. He insisted he was King, and that's why he couldn't smile.

Apparently Kings don't smile.

Okay then.

Claira insisted on having her own solo moment of fame.

Well yes ma'am!

After a while the superheros needed a break, so we went downstairs to watch a family movie. 

I've been trying to check out one or two old classics from the library. This time I had gotten "The Love Bug", which surprisingly I had never seen before.

Last week was "Pollyanna".

The kids really like these old classics, I think because you always walk away from it feeling happy somehow. The kids laughed and laughed during the "The Love Bug", which was funny in and of itself. 

After that we made dinner.

Well, I made dinner while poor Hubby willingly cleaned up the bathroom, which the kids had managed to flood... with used toilet water.

I say "willingly" meaning, it needed to be done, and he did it. Without freaking out too much.

It was nasty. The man just earned another notch of respect from me.

After dinner was "tackle daddy" time.

Which quickly turned into DOG PILE!

Why is it called "Dog Pile" do you suppose?

Anyhow, after that I read a couple more chapters of "Fablehaven" to the kids. It's slightly over Joseph and Jacob's head, yet the adventure in it is enough for them to keep wondering what will happen next. Savannah loves every minute of it.

We only have four chapters in the first book left.

My throat already aches just thinking about it, but I am determined to keep at it.

It's my new goal; to read good, fun books to my kids so we can all talk about them together. So far they are loving it.

So what I thought would be a terrible day ended up being a rather great day.

Small blessings.

3 super cool people speak:

Sue said...

I like Pollyanna.

And your family.


balloongal said...

Good for you. Yes, be grateful for the small blessings.

Raelyn said...

You had never seen "The Love Bug"?! I've watched all four of them!! But then again. My Dad loves cars.... ;)
What a neat goal!! My Mom read books to us growing up!! I am now pushin' 30, and still look back at that with fondness!! Keep it up!! ;-D

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