March 1, 2013

Out of the Blue

Sometimes you gotta do things out of the blue for no other reason than just 'cause.

Like randomly texting your hubby to say, "You are the bacon to my eggs".

He'll love it. Just because men love bacon. It will be very romantic to him.

Go ahead and try it right now then tell me how he responds.

In fact, I'm going to do it right now too and see what happens.

Me: You are the bacon to my eggs.

..................................................................... Oh. Hahaha. *clearing throat* Sorry, can't share his response. Eh hem....  Anyway, told you he'd like it!

Okay wait wait, I'm now going to try, "You are the milk to my cookie".

Hubby: Are you on the internet?

Me: Admit it, you're smiling.

Hubby: I'm too serious to smile. Okay, maybe a little.

Me: You are the ketchup to my french fries.

Hubby: You are the oil to my engine. 
See, I can do it too. 
You are the lead to my pencil. 
Not bad, eh?

Me: LOL! You are the laces to my sneakers.

Hubby: You're definitely on the internet. Aren't you?

Me: Maybe I saw something and decided to try it out on you.  :)

Hubby: What, how to distract your husband at work? :)

Me: Just wanted you to know I was thinking about you.  :)

Yes, I really was having this texting conversation while I was typing this post.

Okay, moving on now.

Another thing you can do is make blue pancakes for dinner, just because you know you're kids will think it's awesome.

And no, not wanting to actually make dinner has nothing to do with it! 


But seriously, my kids were totally excited that they got to try blue pancakes.

Because even though they don't actually taste any different than regular pancakes, they are still WAY awesome-er apparently.

Oh, and I may or may not have said I made them out of Smurfs.

Eh hem.... I admit to nothing.

Maybe next time I'll make purple pancakes from unicorn poop.

Now THAT would be awesome.

14 super cool people speak:

Stacy said...

So funny! I made pink pancakes for valentines and no one would eat them. And I'm totally gonna text my husband right now.

Stacy said...

Oh, and my husband's response? "You are the horizon to my sky." Awww....

Saimi said...

Ha! Ok Serene you need to get out more! Hahaha Unicorn poop, yeah you need some girl time!

Sara Lyn said...

You are so funny! :)

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Stacy: Awwwww! LOL! I'm not at all surprised that my husband came back with "you are the oil to my engine". LOL!

Saimi: Oh girl.... don't I know it. :)

SaraLyn! There. I just had to say your name with an exclamation mark.

marlece said...

This is great! Love it, my husband would be like, "huh"(with a smirk)

Stef said...

You are ubber cool!
Let me try:
"You are the scooper to my pooper."
...what? Not like that?
Maybe I will just use your line.

Mama Smith said...

OK...I text your are two of them..."You are the beans in my chili"...(he does make GREAT chili) and "You are the cows in my barn"...OK...does this mean...I am a "10 cow woman"? or...that "I am hefty like a cow?" ... I will remain..."positive" on this one...(smile)

Raelyn said...

Crack. Me. Up!! That texting conversation was hilarious!! Perhaps you have a bit too much time on your hands, Friend? Hee, hee, hee.... {By the way? My Dad love, love, loves bacon!!} ;-D
Blue pancakes!! Those look delicious!! ;)

Sarah said...

I laughed my HEAD OFF! These were HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!! I LOVE this kind of flirting.
I love you Serene. Thanks for sharing some good times.

Sara Lyn said...

By the way, Morgan said I was the thin to his mint....

I think it should have been the other way around, but I'll take it. :)

Heather L. said...

I don't comment on here often.. but First... I LOVE how real your blog is and i look for your posts daily! :)
Second.. I just sent my husband the messages... I am still laughing!! It went like this... (sorry, i stole yours.. I am not creative but wanted to see what his reaction would be)

Me: you are the bacon to my eggs
him: WHAT???
Me: you are the milk to my cookie
him: ooook Are you alright???
Me: you are the lead to my pencil
Me (10 min later, i think he is ignoring me now): you are the lead to my pencil
him: lol. was your cupcake laced with happy pills? (i just had lunch with him about an hour ago and we had a cupcake for dessert)
Me: Nevermind honey. I love you, have a good day!

Thanks for always making me smile!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Marlece: You should totally try it and see what happens. :)

Stef: LOL! Let me know how that works out for ya.

Mom: HA! Totally sounds like dad.

Raelyn: It's totally a guy thing. I mean, I like bacon too, but men take loving bacon to a whole new level. :)

Sarah: :)

SaraLyn: LOL! Whatevah sista!

Heather! Thank you for commenting!! I really did laugh out loud!
You can bet your husband was totally smiling and feeling all good about himself. :)

Sue said...


Glad the hubby can keep up with your sense of humor.


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