March 21, 2013

Hysterical Laughter

They're going through a phase right now.

When these two aren't pummeling each other... lovingly, of course, *cough* they're on a hysterical laughing kick.

The other day at the dinner table, the boys kept goofing off and showed no interest in eating, just pushing and poking each other while laughing hysterically.

I was waiting for a cup of juice or a plate of food to get knocked to the floor and suddenly wished I hadn't bothered to sweep it.

Both Hubby and I asked them to calm down but to no avail, they were too busy laughing at each other to pay us any attention. They were starting to get rather wild.

We finally busted out the word "consequence" and said if they didn't settle down and eat, they'd be getting some.

A slight pause, more hysterical laughing.

Fine. No treats after dinner.

A pause, some whining... more hysterical laughter.

Fine, then no game time on the kindle tomorrow.

A pause, some intense whining and crying... more hysterical laughing.

Fine, you guys can clean the bathrooms, the basement, and fold all the laundry!

Weeping, wailing, gnashing of teeth... more hysterical laughing.

Everything we said was met with hysterical laughter and accompanied by the simple explanation from them that, "We just can't stop laughing!"

I'm already seeing their teenage-hood flash before my eyes....

Then there was bedtime the very next night.

Just use your imagination. I'm sure you can figure out what happened.

Maybe it's the hair.

9 super cool people speak:

Mama Smith said...

The magical sound of LAUGHTER! LOVE IT!

Raelyn said...

I call those moments "laughing fits"!! Sometimes, for zero rhyme or reason, you just cannot control yourself!! Or the laughing fit, either!! Nothing needs to crack you up, because even something as simple as a random witty Robert Downey Jr. quote does it for me!! Laughter is the best medicine, and I always feel great afterward!! ;-D

marlece said...

With my boys I'm always reminding them "this laughing may turn into crying if you don't stop!" Oh yah, you are right as they get older it gets more intense....whew, then you have those faces at the end of a bath....hello, gotta love them so much!

Sue said...

At least they're bonding, right?


Brittney said...

i think i'd tell them to go laugh in their room in case it got too rowdy :) ... I remember having laughing fits with my friends when I was younger. Such a good ab workout!

Anonymous said...

lol. Being a mom now, I totally get how frustrating it is when you just need them to sit and eat for 5mins...but gosh, my sister and I would get into so much trouble with our laughing fits. It's always funnier when you are being threatened within an inch of your life.

Lisa S said...

Did you follow through on all your threats? lol

Serene is my name, not my life! said...


I did follow through will the first two, the last one? Ya... still working on that. :)

Haha, I love hearing from all of you. Your comments always make me laugh.

Larsen said...

That's horribly.... funny.

And I'm sorry about the picnic mess. And at the same time, so funny, too.

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