January 3, 2011

My ONE and ONLY New Years Resolution

Ah, the New Year.  A time of reflection, of goal setting, of resolution making and resolution breaking.

See, I know myself better than to make certain resolutions, especially those entailing things like giving up or cutting back on sugar or something.

There are just too many dadgum treats left over from the holidays lurking about in the dark corners of the house (where I hid them of course) to know that I would never keep such a goal. I have to wait a couple weeks and make sure I've eaten them all up before embarking on such a journey.

You know, get rid of the temptation and all that.

That's why I ate the four Cadbury chocolate bars my sis and bro-in-law sent me for Christmas in just two days. Had to get rid of temptation!

Don't worry, Luke had a piece, or two.

Don't get me wrong, I've made several new goals and such, but I've only made ONE New Years resolution, because I just don't like to consider them the same thing.

It all started when I remembered an incident that happened a few months back. A new friend of mine, Gina, who had also been reading my blog, stopped by the house one day to discover me clad in jeans that had ripped in one of the knees and a nice, comfy, frumpy sweater.

She jokingly remarked that it was nice to know that I wasn't perfect all the time since my blog made me appear so well put together.

Well, I was down-right horrified! Horrified people!!

Me? Appear to be so well put-together?

Come let us all laugh together. HAHAHAHAHA..... ahahaha... ha.. ha.. ahhhhh.................

Surely you know by the evidence posted here of all the delightful messes, mounds of laundry, exploding basement, and all that to know that I am anything but!

Sure I don't write about ALL the times I have won the worst mommy of the year award, but I need to maintain some small sense of dignity, right?

Anyway, Luke and I were discussing how it was time to give our children chores. I mean, they always help clean up on a daily bases and all that, but little things that they need to personally be responsible for.

Like making their beds everyday. Sounds simple enough, right?

One small problem.

This is generally what MY bed looks like most days.

(Head and foot board cost $150 cause it's actually broken in several places, but you'd never know, right? And the bedspread I bought on clearance somewhere a while back. So don't go thinking we're all fancy and such nonsense)

Uh huh! Nothing "well put together" about that now is there?

This is where my New Years Resolution comes in.

I hear by resolve, to make my bed everyday! Err... most days, until the baby comes! Then I make no such promises.

I know how to be realistic with myself.

Besides, if I'm going to have my kids make their beds everyday, I ought to teach by example, right?

See? Occasionally I know how to be a good parent.

25 super cool people speak:

Saimi said...

You go girl, off to a good start already!! I think that deserves some chocolate!

The Bagley Family said...

Lead by example! I make mine everyday that I am not working and tell the kids to make theirs cause I am making mine:)

Impulsive Addict said...

I make my bed about one a week. I HATE making my bed. It's big with lots of pillows and it takes up all my energy. I should work on this too.

Thanks for the motivation!

MommyJ said...

I have to make mine cause if I don't the dog will get in it.

If I were you, my new years resolution would be this:

Have baby.

The end. :)

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Yeah I thought your only resolution was to have that baby?

One Cluttered Brain said...

Nice sheets.
Like that resolution--until the BABY comes...Then everything gets thrown out the window with that.
Cause babies always suck time and energy from ya...lol.
Love ya Serene!
Left you a comment on my blog...
lol. I'm too lazy to email ya...lol.

Sue said...

I rarely make my bed, either. It's odd, because my mom taught us to make them, and I made it every day in my youth.

But now, all I do is sort of pull up the sheet and blanket. I think I just got sick of putting on and taking off the decorative pillows, etc. every night.

Now I only do it when I change the sheets!


Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

I've been slacking on my reading but... this may come late... CONGRATS on new Baby in the belly!!! yay!!!

And it's good to know you aren't so well put together. I resolve to make my bed at least tomorrow... today I'm too lazy.

And that's me... I will eat better after all the crap is out of the house! hehehe

Neisha said...

I don't make my bed either though at one point I did try to do it every day. good luck!

Kristina P. said...

We decided to list our condo, and this is the one area I am not happy about. We NEVER make our bed. Even when we wash the sheets, we just throw everything back on. Sigh.

Sara Lyn said...

I've never quite understood the reason to make a bed. However, Morgan likes it made, so maybe I'll join you on the make the bed New Year's Resolution. :)

Pamela said...

My husband makes the bed. hehehe If I'm out of it! Your blog has made me laugh tonight. I'll be back--I've heard laughter is the best medicine.

Amber said...

What a great resolution! Perhaps you can come and make mine for me as well!

: )

Patty Ann said...

Ummm, for me, I have a blanket on my bed and no top sheet. That way, all I have to do is pull the blankets up and the bed is made. I don't do fluff well anyway, and I really do want to lead by example, so that works for me. Easy peasy, right???

Lisa said...

You know, I was totally trained to make my bed every day. But somehow...some way...some THING was lost in translation when I became a mother and the battle was lost. Now once a week, on Saturday, their rooms are spotless (don't look under there) and all is clean and pristine. Then Sunday happens and not so much. But I'm okay with it. No, really I am. Okay, I'm not. But I choose my battles, you know? Whatever. Geez, being perfect is hard work.

ldsjaneite said...

Good luck making the bed as you get bigger. :-) heh heh heh I'm so unfeeling. Then again, I have a bed 4 feet off the ground. And all that is required for me to make my bed is to recover my 2 pillows and put the 2 decorative ones out.

Larsen said...

Well, being the friend mentioned in this here post, I feel it necessary to comment.

She is well put together. And I know she claims she isn't and show's proof she isn't, but I declare, she has it all straightened out where things are in regards to IMPORTANT matters.

And, might I add, that my bed is made EVERYDAY, every fluffy pillow too (I have 6 of them. It's one of my kid's jobs! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH! just like lining my shoes up is also one of their jobs!

See, chores work out well for me and for them.

And, since I am chatting tonight, I will mention that I once made a resolution similiar to this- one that was realistic and do-able. To never steal another pen from a waiter/waitress or banker or clerk.

I have managed to fulfill that one. Whew! Things that matter most. Check!

Garden of Egan said...

The bed is a good place to start.

Thank goodness my hubs makes ours every morning or it might not get done....cuz I'm a lazy slob.
Today I slept in it later than normal and he made it around me. I kid not.

Mama Smith said...

I had NOT made my bed in Florida as often as I should have...though, I did like it when I did...but, after we moved to MONTANA...and we basically were "homeless" for 6 months, til our home in FLORIDA finally sold...I made a PROMISE to Heavenly Father...that the day...I was living under my very own roof...once again...I would make my bed EVERY DAY...to REMIND ME...the BLESSINGS Father placed upon your Dad and I...

It has become a "symbolic" action, now...for every time I make that bed...I am REMINDED to THANK HEAVENLY FATHER...FOR ALL HE HAS DONE FOR ME...That bed has now been made EVERY SINGLE DAY...since we brought it into this new home...A little thing, but, it has become very significant to me...

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Oooo, your headboard rocks!!! Not only 'cause of the screamin' deal but it's just dang awesome! And you are a fabulous mommy!

Rachel Sue said...

THat is one chore that I have never made my kids do because my bed looks the same every. single. day.

Meredith said...

i haven't commented in a while but i just HAVE to let you know that you're so cool!! i love me some good deals and that headboard rocks. ps: i read about your daughter and her surgery and bawled my eyes out. i felt for you as a mama so much. wow. Heavenly Father blesses and tests us in one fell swoop so amazingly:)

Brenick said...

making the bed is the most pointless chore, i swear. i mean, you just mess it up the same every night. i prefer my bed not made. but im a weirdo that way.

i would say, make the kids do laundry or the dishes or pick up toys. seems like a more productive chore that would help you out after the baby gets here!

Kira said...

Yeah. Good idea. A back door. You're going to need it, for all the time you won't be in that bed.

sumidubi said...

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