November 24, 2014

This is what happens....

This is what happens when you take your child to their one-year old check-up with the pediatrician, in the middle of a snow storm I might add, and as you pull them out of the car seat while the freezing wind is whipping at you and snow is pouring from the heavens, you realize that in the fifteen minutes it took you to dive there, they had done a swell job of soaking all their clothes with a super-whopping-colossal-mega-blow-out.

And you didn't bring extra clothes.

Hoping their poop-saturated clothes won't instantly freeze upon cold air contact, you race into the building while trying not to hug them too close, or slip in the quickly accumulating snow, while coercing a stubborn toddler into walking on their own though they are insisting upon being carried.

On the bright side, at least he wasn't wearing his coat in the car!

He didn't seem to mind his minimalistic outfit.

And this is what happens when you give your toddler a bowl of cereal.

Like... every day.

Caption this photo!

On the bright side, the floor get mopped... a lot!

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