October 30, 2014

Keeping It Real

*gasp* Another post?


And I'm pretty sure that was a pig that just flew by my window.

Ugh. *flopping onto couch, flinging arm over face*

I suck at this parenting thing.


This week has been down-right barbaric.

Epic fail.

I have been trying so hard too, you know?

Then... *poof!*

I respond with reaction instead of action.

*sigh* I am getting really good at apologizing to my children.

We have so much fun and then... it's bedtime. (or dinnertime, or chore time, or... well you know what I mean)

Bedtime it evil.

And teeth brushing is torture.

Just saying.

Okay fine, not ALWAYS.

But someone has poisoned our water with a large dose of cranky and some extra strong selective hearing.

I think my kids are deaf to my voice.

Maybe I should try another language.

Russian perhaps?

Our living room has become a communal dumping ground for all things child related.

There must be a sign with an open invite somewhere only children can read.

The laundry hampers appear to be allergic to dirty laundry and simply regurgitate them all over the bedroom floors.

Why else would there be a perfectly good, empty laundry basket two feet away from a dozen items of dirty clothes?

Oh, and the screaming in anger at the top of your lungs in the store?

So got that covered.

My toddler is an expert.

Just... just.........

You know?

My children are superbly awesome. Can't imagine our family without a single one.

But for the love, did they have to leave a bag of bread in the bathroom?

And now, here is a picture of us all smiling. (okay, except Jackson)

Just because.

Family Photo from July taken by my sister! www.facebook.com/RRejoiceGPhotograph

5 super cool people speak:

Shaylee Ann said...

Pinning this for future days when I struggle as a parent and need a boost. You're an amazing mother, and one day your kids will be my age and realize how very much you do for them and how they wouldn't be the amazing men and women they are if it weren't for you and your husband. Thank you for keeping it real. :)

Heidi D said...

I only have one to deal with & still manage to have those days where I wonder how it is all going so incredibly wrong. Just finished a rather intense discussion on why it is a good idea to tell the truth when I ask a simple question......todays example.....
Me- do you have any uneaten lunch in your school bag
11 year old- no
I then look in the bag next time I am passing her room & find nearly all her lunch in the bottom of the bag.
So frustrating !

Heather said...

I had to laugh at the bag of bread in the bathroom =) I often wondered if we're the only family whose kids leave food in strange places!

Dan Seiler Family said...

I totally understand the angry screaming in the store thing. My 2 year old has me constantly telling my other children, "Just don't make eye contact with him right now. You know how cranky he gets in the store, so no eye contact...it sets him off!"
Take care,

Anonymous said...

Hey, I consider it a parenting win that you manage to get family pics done. Nice job!

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