January 23, 2014

Jackson and the Acursed Helmet

Just when life gives the illusion of settling down into its normal, crazy un-normalcy, it changes.

That's why chocolate exists.

Tomorrow marks three weeks since Jackson's cranio surgery. He has been doing so well! If it weren't for the scars on his head you'd never know he even had surgery.

Well, that and the reddish hue on his scalp from the iodine that hasn't fully washed out yet.

I'm starting to think it would make a good hair dye.

I can touch and wash his sutures and he doesn't even flinch. 

But the little man had more life coming at him.

Tuesday we drove down to Salt Lake to pick up his helmet. 

It is the saddest, cutest thing I've ever seen.

This little torture device is the bane of my existence right now.

We are on day three of the schedule and I hate it.

There is a full, double-sided sheet of instructions for this thing.

Mostly about being careful not to let the baby get overheated, especially if they are running a fever. And because of all the sweating is causes, Jackson's head and helmet have to be washed and dried daily to hopefully avoid skin problems.

The only padding in this thing is a very thin pad where it touches his forehead and cheeks.

The inside square pieces are "spacers" used to keep the helmet from flopping around until his head fills in the space on the sides, which usually happens within the first month, while holding the front and back of his skull in place.

By two months he will probably outgrow it completely.

Then we get a new one.


The screw holds the two pieces together and is kept loose to allow the helmet to slide apart just enough to slip it on and off, which is difficult anyway and the cheek padding rubs hard against his sides as we take it off and put it on. Poor kid.

Once it's been put on and fitted into place, the strap in the back is tightened to secure it.

Jackson has done okay with it for the most part, but he obviously does not enjoy it. Sometimes it's hard to tell if it's hurting him when it accidentally gets shifted around, or just when he gets moved around a lot and he cries out loud and hard.

They say the first week is the most difficult.

It's deceptively adorable that he looks like a mini football player because he really does not like it.

I just caught him in a good moment here as he woke up from a nap.

Another reason I hate it is because it interferes with my snuggling.

When my automatic reflex kicks in to kiss the top of his head, instead of his fluffy hair greeting me, there's cold plastic.

Nothing makes you feels dumber than kissing the helmet and knowing he can't even feel it.

I already miss being able to lay my cheek on his head.

 Love this little guy.

Hopefully we both adjust to it all soon!

So... any thoughts on how we ought to decorate it?

I'm thinking maybe a Superman theme for this first helmet.

What would you do?

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Anonymous said...

Awww he is so cute! My son had to wear a helmet when he was 8 months old because his head was flat. We had the exact same expierence! I missed snuggling up with him too. Also ours was made out of a hard styrofoam type material. It was very hard to clean. His head always smelled like an old dirty shoe. The good news in our case was he really got used to it right away. He always slept through the night no problem. He actually had a harder time adjusting when we took it off. Like when he would lay down he would put his head down to hard because he didn't know it would hurt without the helmet on. I hope it gets easier for you guys!


Raelyn said...

I am supposed to be working on a Blog post, but as per usual, I'm distracted by people's Websites!! ;-}
By the way? Jackson is so freakin' adorable!! I was never as cute as him!! I just want to pinch his chubby little cheeks!! Not that I would.... ;)
"Tomorrow marks three weeks since Jackson's cranio surgery. He has been doing so well! If it weren't for the scars on his head you'd never know he even had surgery.". Three weeks?! Where does the time escape to? Outer space?! I am glad that Jackson is doing well!! Thanks be to God!! Now as for the scars? I embrace mine and am proud of them!! "Chicks dig scars", you know!! ;-D
"I can touch and wash his sutures and he doesn't even flinch.". That is because he's a trooper!! ;)
I have always considered baby helmets the "saddest, cutest things I've ever seen"!! What a great way to describe it, Friend!! ;-D
Jackson will adjust to his helmet in good time!! Soon it will feel "normal"!! To everybody!! ;)

ldsjaneite said...

We have a family in the library whose little boy has a bright red helmet with a U on it. I really think you need to balance this out with making the helmet blue and having a Y on it.

Raelyn said...

An afterthought. Superman was my first superhero love!! Then. I became smitten with Iron Man!! All because of Robert Downey Jr., of course!! ;)

Sue said...

What a pain, and yet I'm so glad they have such a thing as that little helmet.

I like the idea of a race car driver…with lightning bolts on the helmet.


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