August 12, 2013

Weekend What-Naughts

We've been making a bit more effort lately to have the kids help more with household responsibilities and tasks.

I had been telling Savannah that she is plenty old enough to know how to mow the lawn. She always looked so horrified and would reply with an emphatic, "No way!"

But on Saturday, while Hubby and I took turns mowing, she approached me and declared that she wanted to try it.

After showing her how to do it, she thought it was awesome and went ahead and finished the yard!

I'm not going to lie, it is SO nice that the kids are getting old enough to help! At the same time, they're growing up way to fast. Know what I mean?

Hopefully the thrill of mowing will last for a little while before it becomes a "chore". But I was still proud of her.

We also had the other children pull weeds and help clean out the garage. There was some grumbling and complaining, but all in all, the kids did remarkably well! 

Later that afternoon, hubby went downstairs to work on the basement some more. He has PROMISED me that it would be finished before the baby comes.

I have my doubts, but every time I express them I get in trouble. 

Word to the wise ladies, never express disbelief in your man's word of honor, it doesn't go over well.  :)

So I'm learning to bust out the pom poms (metaphorically speaking, I've never come close to being a cheerleader) and shout for joy whenever he gets a chance to work on it.

While Hubby was working, Claira decided to help too.

Kind of.

In case you're wondering what that big mark is in the middle of her back...

... apparently someone found an old Halloween tattoo and decided to share.

Sunday night, we were deciding what to make for dinner.

Swift came the reply for eggs!

Sure, my kids LOVE scrambled eggs, but admittedly they love them even more now that I've allowed them to be the ones cracking them open.

Well, except for Claira. She was perfectly happy just wearing an apron.

 So far, I haven't bitten into a eggshell.

*sniff* I'm so proud.

4 super cool people speak:

Mindy said...

Pretty awesome!

Mama Smith said...

I am impressed over the "egg" situation! Even as an adult...egg shells seem to manifest itself occasionally...I simply chalk it up to EXTRA CALCIUM in my ageing system! smile

Raelyn said...

Confession. As I write this, I have a TON of chocolate in my system, thus I'm feeling a bit high!! So!! I have very little control of what springs from my mind while commenting!! Just blame the chocolate/sugar/caffeine!! ;-}
"I'm not going to lie, it is SO nice that the kids are getting old enough to help! At the same time, they're growing up way to fast. Know what I mean?". Yes. Yes, I do know what you mean!! It seems so contradictory. But quite the contrary!! ;)
Yeah, I nearly always drop little shells into my scrambled eggs prior to cooking them!! And I am pushin' 30!! ;-D
PS. I love, love, loved Mama Smith's comment!! ;)

Sue said...

It's so great when the kids learn to really help. And I think it's also great for their self esteem.


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