August 22, 2013

My Yard Now Has Mowhawks

It finally occurred to me several weeks ago that Savannah was plenty old enough to know how to mow the lawn.

The few times I mentioned this fact to her, she blanched a bit and firmly declared, "No way!"

She reacted the same way Hubby does whenever I ask him for a foot massage.

Sheesh! You'd think I was asking them to scrub the toilet with their toothbrushes or something.

And yet, to my supreme surprise (not surprise mind you, supreme surprise), a couple weeks ago while I was mowing, she approached me and asked if I could show her how.

She got it down pretty well pretty quickly, and as I watched her go back and forth I could help but feel... bliss.

Ah, sweet bliss.

Well, I had put off mowing again as long as I could but with Hubby traveling so much I just needed to suck it up and get it done. So I mowed all the hard areas of the yard then turned it over to Savannah. 

Sooooo nice.

But not too long into it, Joseph approached and asked if he too could mow the law!

This time, instead of being supremely surprised, I was more in the realm of exceedingly astonished.

Next thing I know, Savannah was instructing Joseph in the art of lawn mowing.

Joseph didn't get it down quite as well as Savannah....

I had to straighten out his lines a time or two. But hey, at least he was willing!

Until he wasn't, and Savannah finished the job.

I think I'm going to really miss when the novelty wears off and mowing is simply considered another chore.

Still, as I look out over my freshly mowed lawn with all its many grassy little mohawks and curvy, swirly lines, I can't but feel so proud of my kids for trying so hard.

And now I must plot my next strategy on how to get them to enjoy doing the laundry... and cook.

3 super cool people speak:

CB said...

Fantastic! And cute photo's too! This is totally why we have kids right? :-D

Raelyn said...

Have you seen the Hollywood movie "Signs" which stars Mel Gibson? It is this sc-fi drama about an alien invasion. A bit intense.... Especially for little kids. But we love it!! In "Signs", these aliens made crop circles in fields!! So. That is what I see in your backyard. Crop circles!! Hee, hee, hee.... ;-D

Royalbird said...

When I was a kid, mowing the lawn was something we *got* to do when we turned eight. We all looked forward to it with eagerness. I don't know why. But, cherish it while it lasts. Our yard is too hard for our kids to mow. It's too slanted for them to keep the lawnmower straight. And at least right now, we've let all the grass die (in the backyard) so we don't even have to mow it. See how easy we make it for ourselves? don't like mowing? Let the grass die. Of course, then you get a jungle of weeds that is so bad, the dog won't even go outside. Hmmm....

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