March 23, 2008

Easter Morning

So, I splurged a little and got all the kids new outfits for Easter Sunday. Luke said that if he had given the boys little guns they would have looked like gangsters. If I had thought of that I would have found them hats to complete the outfit! When we arrived at church one of Savannah's little friends (Ellie Sutton) ran up to her and said "Oh Savannah, you look like Cinderella!" It was pretty cute. Luke was at a meeting while I was taking the pictures so I didn't get him in any of them. The pictures turned out pretty good considering Jacob was pretty grumpy and Joseph kept giving me cheese smiles. Well, I have to say, they are darn cute!
BeforeAfter  Posing PrincessGangster #1Gangster #2The BabesBrothersOh yes, brothersHey, at least they were all looking at the camera

1 super cool people speak:

Emily said...

You all look so cute! I love the one of Savannah with her hands under her chin. She does look like a little princess!

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