March 26, 2008

What can you do

Although I am not teaching Bookbinding at BYU this semester, I do get asked to sub once in a while. This morning one of the teachers asked me to teach his afternoon class but I couldn't find a babysitter and since it was going to be a very quick demo, I just took the kids with me. (I know, only at BYU right) The class is taught in a building that is off campus, it use to be an Albertsons so it large and dirty. BYU mainly uses it to store stuff.  Savannah and Joseph just ran around while Jacob sat in the stroller next to me.  Amazingly we got away without breaking anything and without any injuries but we couldn't quite escape a mess. Here is Joseph showing, quite proudly I might add, his own artistic skills. You just can't beat that cheesy smile.

We came home, cleaned up, then went over to Susy Montejo's Birthday Party. The kids sure had a good time. Savannah loved dressing up, although she's not that big on princess stuff or playing dress-up like her friends are, I had to drag Joseph back in the building kicking and screaming because he wanted to keep whacking the pinata even after it was busted open, and Jacob just giggled and crawled around the whole night.


1 super cool people speak:

Brittney said...

They are so cute and so much fun! I bet they keep you busy, but you are great parents.

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