June 20, 2015

Twelve Years!

I wrote this post for our ten year anniversary. But I thought it would be fun to update it for our twelfth.

And because I haven't blogged in months. Seems a little awkward to suddenly pop in announce it's our twelve year anniversary then run off again.

So here are our major family moments from throughout the years.


~ "Officially" started dating in January at BYU.

~ In May, Hubby proposed.

~ June 20, 2003 - Sealed in the Orlando, FL Temple...

during a tropical storm.


~ Savannah was born in August with jaundice.


~ Moved to Wyoming for a summer internship.

~Visited Mt. Rushmore...

while sporting some of my awesome fashion sense.


~Joseph was born in March.

~ Although I technically didn't graduate for another semester, I "walked" for my BA in Visual Arts in April.

~Pregnant with Jacob in this picture.


~ Hubby graduated with his BA in April.

~ Jacob was born in May.


~Hubby graduates with his Master's Degree in April.

~ Moved to Idaho for a job.

~ Pregnant with Alayna.


~Alayna is born in January.

~ We buy our first home.

~ Alayna has cranial reconstructive surgery in September.


~ Just life with four kids, working on our home, and trying to survive it all.

~Savannah starts Kindergarten.

~ Pregnant with Claira.


Claira is born in May.

~Joseph starts Kindergarten.


~ Savannah is baptized.

~Jacob starts Kindergarten.


~Pregnant with baby 6.

~Savannah begins homeschooling

~Jackson is born in November

Jackson has surgery for sagittal craniosynostosis.

~Jackson get a helmet

~Joseph is baptized

~Joseph gets rheumatic fever and fights choreoathetosis.

~Alayna starts kindergarten

~Joseph and Savannah homeschool


~Hubby gets called to be Bishop of our Ward

~Jacob is baptized

And that's where our family is at so far this year!

We made it to 12 years!

Happy anniversary to us!

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Lisa S said...

Happy anniversary.....and to think I started reading your blog when you only had three kids...and I'm not even a relative. :) I do miss your frequent posts...but I'm sure with your husband being bishop, life is really quite busy.

Jocelyn Christensen said...

That's an awesome ride. Congrats guys!!!

Susan Anderson said...

A great family.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Thank you Lisa!! You're the sweetest! I've been wanting to start blogging more again!

Thanks Jocelyn and Susan!

Neisha said...

Okay, I have to admit that when reading through your post, I was sure you were going to announce #7. ;p

I love your family photo, Happy Anniversary!

Katherine said...

Happy anniversary! And I also had suspicions like Neisha.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

HAHAHAHA! Neisha and Katherine! Well, in total honesty, we're thinking possibly one more. But not just yet. ;)

Sara Lyn said...

Happy anniversary! Has it already been 12 years? :)

Saimi said...

Wow, that was a fun blast from the past!! Crazy thing is I remember some of those early pictures, have we been blogger friends that long? You have a great family Congratulations on your 12 years!

ldsjaneite said...

To think I've known you all those years, too. Always loved your family and your stories--and you still inspire me. You help me to keep my dreams of an eternal family alive.

Madame Coin said...


Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Thanks everyone!! <3

Gaby said...

I ran into your blog by searching about Crainiosynostosis. I must begin by saying you have a beautiful family!! My son who is 2.5 months got diagnosed recently and we were trying to decide wich surgery to go for. I saw that you had two children with this condition and have chosen to different procedures for each. Any advice on your experience would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and God bless!

Mama Smith said...

I absolutely LOVE what you did here...I ought to see I can piece together...our almost "37" years...smile

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