May 2, 2014

Self-Induced Public Humiliation. I'm REALLY good at it.

If you ever happen find yourself in a bit of a hurry one morning, and you decide to grab a pair of old capris that you find in the back corner of your closet to wear to your Zumba class, you might want to take a moment and re-think such an act.

The non workout attire may not be able to hold up to the tremendous strain of a deep squat.

But if you do ever decide to do such a thoughtless thing, be sure to:

a) Be in the front of the room during Zumba class when it happens.

b) Have a least one friend there to laugh hysterically at your misfortune.

c) Two or three friends would be better. This way instead of strangers who don't know you, when your friends go home and tell their husbands what happened, everyone will know who they're talking about.

d) Bring your baby and his bright, lime green blanket to wrap around your waist so that you can stealthy sneak out of the room without having anyone notice. Heh....

e) Realize that any status of any kind that you may have accidentally gained with your regular attendance and knowledge of the dance moves, now no longer exists. You will henceforth and forever be known as "the girl who's pants ripped."

I should just get a t-shirt made.

4 super cool people speak:

Mama Smith said... least it was all attendance...See, it could have been OH...wait...worse, yet, your husband could have been there...and you will never know...when he is laughing to himself...if he was picturing this entire scene...all over

Meagan said...

Thanks for posting. And hey, if you are a regular Zumba attendant, that gives you lots of points in my book.

Raelyn said...

Oh dear, I have fallen behind in reading/commenting on this Blog!! Not surprising!! Well, I guess I will just start here!! ;-D
And I was embarrassed--no, mortified--when I accidentally walked into the men's room on my 25th birthday.... And got caught by a--fully clothed, thank God!!--man!! But I got over it!! Somehow!! This? I feel for you, Friend!! ;-}
This will most likely be my last comment for awhile as Grandma is flying in from California tomorrow. We shall see.... ;)
Love you later, Raelyn

Sarah said...

This is AWESOME! :) Hahaha!

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