February 18, 2013

Pink Heart and Chocolate Day

When Hubby handed me roses at the end of Valentine's Day, wrapped all fancy in that clear crinkly plastic stuff with the rubber band around the stems and the price tag still on it from Walmart, Alayna exclaimed, "Oooooh! Daddy gave you floweeeers! He wants to kiss yooooouuuu and marry you mommy!"
She seems to have an uncanny insight into Hubby's motives 10 years ago when we were dating.
Valentine's Day 2003
That's how they trick you into liking them. They hide the Walmart price tags until you've been married longer than a year.

After that they don't bother anymore.

*sigh* Where did all the romance go?

They say in order to have a successful relationship, you need to communicate what you want and need.

Next time I'll be sure to tell Hubby that I "need" him to take the price tag off.

Just to be more romantic.

Anyway, V-Day morning I whipped out the pancake batter and the food dye to make pink pancakes. Somehow, it never gets old for the kids to have pink pancakes.... even if *eh hem* I have only ever done it once before.

But let's pretend for a minute that I'm a cool mom and do it all the time.

So, pink pancakes never get old.

Cute little stinkers.

I even went all out and made heart-shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch.

Oooooh yaaaaa.

And that's how I trick my children into thinking I'm a cool mom.

After the kids got home from school, Savannah said we should go over to daddy's work and fill his truck up with balloons and cover it in paper hearts.

Well I was fresh out of balloons so I did the next best thing I could think of.

 After we finished that, I handed the kids a bunch of stickers and told them to decorate the table.

At first I felt kind of guilty for not getting more stickers for them to use.

But by the end of the day, they had pocked and ripped a bajillion holes into the red plastic tablecloth, so I threw it away that night.

I really didn't feel guilty after that.

Well, I didn't make anything heart shaped for dinner that night, but I did try out a new recipe (tweaked a bit for our family) and the kids LOVED it! Who knew Cheeseburger Soup would be such a hit!

I'll be sure to post the recipe.

So, what did you guys do for V-Day?

4 super cool people speak:

Sue said...

Went out to dinner. Took a walk through our little village.

It was romantic.

But then, I don't have little ones at home...


PS. Looks like you made a great day of it!

Raelyn said...

I loved Alayna's response to the flowers!! "Oooooh! Daddy gave you floweeeers! He wants to kiss yooooouuuu and marry you mommy!"!! Too cute!! ;)
Those heart-shaped pancakes look freakin' good!! What is inside them? ;-D
Cheeseburger soup? Yes, do post the recipe!! ;)

Neisha said...

we usually don't do anything for Valentine's Day but this year I did the heart shaped pizza and we also had chocolate covered strawberries, strawberry jello and fruit salad.

love the sign on the garage door and the stickers on the tablecloth...I'll have to remember these for next year

Mama Smith said...

I saved a couple of these pictures for my 2013 collection...I LOVED the garage sign...for DADDY! (smile) I so miss decorating for all of you...I LOVED changing the decor to celebrate each holiday...one of my most favorite thing to do...as a mother...

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