February 10, 2015

The Gasp That Was Heard Throughout the Ward

Hello! Hello Hello ello llo

Anybody here? body here dy here ere

Huh, so this is what an abandoned blog looks like.

Its so... sad.

Well, it's my own dadgum fault. Instead of dumping my creative juices into this blog, I've been working hard on other projects.

I'm one of those people that would probably fall into the category of "Jack of all trades, Master of none."

Although my name is not Jack and I don't trade Pokemon cards so.....

But I can't help myself! I like to do too many things and therefore can't keep up with any one them!

Ah well, even though February is about over, I still plan to finish blogging about Christmas.

Because I just need to, dang it! *slams fist on counter for emphasis*   Ow.

In the meantime, while I stare at the sixty-plus pictures left from Christmas that I need to rummage through, choose and edit for the blog, I figure I had better record this story before it escapes my memory.

Because even though I think I'll never forget something, inevitably it happens.

Like forgetting to buy shoes for my wedding day.

Or a veil for that matter.

Wait, when is my anniversary again?


Two and a half weeks ago, Hubby was called as the Bishop of our ward.

Are you awake now? Can I get you anything? A drink of water? A chocolate chip?

No? You've recovered from the shock?

Okay then, continuing with my story.

We decided it would be best NOT to tell the kids ahead of time since we didn't want the United States and parts of China knowing before it actually happened. (this is something that should happen at the right place and time through proper priesthood authority)

I did tell Savannah the morning of as we were getting ready for church. She did the whole, mouth-dropped-open-eyes-widened-to-saucers thing. But she kept her cool.

What I didn't see coming was when they announced over the pulpit that Hubby was called as the new Bishop, Jacob's head snapped up and he gasped in shock so loudly, everyone around us started laughing!

And then laughed some more.

He's not exactly a quiet person.

He has no whisper, he wasn't born with that setting. There is only loud and louder.

He kept smiling and leaning over to ask, "Is daddy really the new bishop?"

It was cute the first seven times.

So, there you have it. One of my many reasons why this blog has been neglected of late.

Well, among other things.

14 super cool people speak:

Mama Smith said...

Did Jack Jack decide to wash his clothes, himself? smile

Shaylee Ann said...

Woah! That is so neat! I mean, you're already such a great example, and now you can show the entire ward how amazing your family is! ;) Also, Jackson in the bathtub is ADORBS. Loves!!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Mama - If only. ;)

Shaylee - *blush* You are always so sweet and encouraging! Thank you!
And yes, Jackson is an adorable little monkey, even when he's getting into trouble. :)

Susan Anderson said...

You will both have lots of joy and blessings from this calling. And so will your ward!

balloongal said...

This is exciting and there will be wonderful blessings for your family.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Thanks ladies! <3

Valerie said...

Best of luck with that opportunity. It was hard for my kids not to tell anyone when their dad was called as branch president (then the branch became a ward so he was a bishop), but I think it was harder for them not to tell anyone when he was going to be released. Enjoy it all!

Madame Coin said...

Awesome. I love moments in church like that. It reminds me of the time Guy was two, and we had sacrament meeting last, and the last speaker had gone way over when the meeting was supposed to end, and Guy stood on the bench and screamed, "Done! Done! DOOOOOOOONNNNNE!" Yeah, we were in the front row.

And congratulations! And condolences! Challenges and blessings await, I am sure. Make good friends with all the young women who can sit with you and entertain your kids.

And I'll always keep checking your blog.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

I can see that Valerie. :)

Thanks Emily! I always love hearing from you!

Katherine said...

Yikes! I'm sorry.

Hannah said...

Hey Serene! Remember me? I used to blog over on Sherbet Blossom. ;) I think back then, you had two kids. 6 now!? That's amazingly awesome! You must be married to an amazing guy! Good luck to you both! I'm sure great blessings will come to your family. (And hopefully to you during Sacrament Meeting! Eek!)

We are expecting #5, and I can't wait to enter into the realm of HUGE families!

Hope you are doing well! Idaho is our dream location. I wish there were more job opportunities for us to get up there too. If you ever hear of amazing accounting jobs.... ;)

Raelyn said...

I love, love, love your facebook post on finding an "adultier adult"!! It made me smile!! Because this true story actually happened today....
My three year old niece, "Amethyst": "Can I have fruit snacks?" {Right before our pre-Mother's Day lunch}
Me: "Ask Grandma. Or your Mama. Or an adult who's older than me...." ;)
Happy Mother's Day, Friend!!
Love you later, Raelyn

Deborah Ostrom said...

please let me know if you've got any advice! as we were getting the call this past week I thought of you all and wondered how everyone's doing!

Caryn Caldwell said...

It's so hard to keep up with blogging when you have writing and family and friends (and conferences!) to occupy you, isn't it? I have the same issue. Hope things are going well with you, though, and that you're recovering well from Storymakers!

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