December 19, 2014

Mom VS Laundry and the Sniff Test

It all started when I fell behind in my laundry.

I know how much everyone LOVES to do laundry so, this will come as quite a shock. 

Deep breaths... chocolate... you okay now? The moment of horror has passed?

Okay then.

As I was saying, it all started when I fell behind with the laundry.

Realizing that the underwear drawers were looking pretty scarce, I put on my travel gear and climbed Mount Stinky-Clothes. Once I reached the peek, I was able to get one load of necessities going when I realized to my dismay, it also used up the last of my laundry soap.

This obviously called for a trip to the store.

Which I didn't get around to for another four days.

But eventually I did and armed with two new containers equaling 192 loads, I cautiously attempted to open the utility room door.

Which turned into shoving match. I finally won.

Huh, I was pleasantly surprised! It really wasn't as bad as I thought!

Weird considering that between the eight of us, no one had any clothes left, the towels were all missing, and I know I had had to change a few bed sheets.

Then I had everyone unload the large hampers in their bedrooms.

Oooooooooooohhhhhhh........ that's where it all was.

By the end of the day, the pile was reduced to a small-ish mound that actually fit into the allotted basket space.


And who did all the folding, you might ask?

Don't worry, I helped... a little.

Hubby always asks me why I don't make the kids wear certain articles of clothing more than just one day, like a pair of jeans or pajamas.

I do sometimes, but that requires "the sniff test".

This is something that was suspiciously left out of the mommy handbook.

I'm positive it's a conspiracy. No one tells you that someday you will have to choose between extra laundry and having to kill off one of your senses.

I am sure by the time I'm an empty-nester, my nasal passageways will be so damaged I won't be able to smell a thing!

At least they are worth it. 

If only I could trust them to do their own sniff tests!

But I feel confident that it would be a terrible, awful, no good, very bad game plan.

2 super cool people speak:

Mama Smith said...

Ha...Ha..YES...Indeed...I so remember times when, especially, after a CAMPING TRIP...took me over a week to catch up...HENCE, we got a 2nd washer and dryer...TRULY...was a God-send...

Sara Lyn said...


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