September 26, 2014

Jack-Jack Attack!

"Jack-Jack" is Jackson's nickname.

My father started it.

I told everyone that if they called Jackson "Jack" they would end up on my blacklist.

But Jack-Jack was okay.

Because I'm the mom. Mom's are allowed to have weird quirks about their children's names.

Besides, if you've seen "The Incredibles", you can't help but think of the movie. The "Jack-Jack Attack" clip is just awesome.

And totally explains why my house is in ruins after we have a babysitter.

Just kidding.

It's just in ruins on a normal, day-day basis.

Especially when the little man is hungry.

He's working on the self-serve policy.

Can't you just see his thoughts?

"Oh hey mom!"

"So, I got kind of hungry and found these little babies."

"They tasted pretty good at first, but then I discovered something." 

"They are way more fun to just rip apart and throw on the floor. Here, let me show you!"

Yes, he's a regular comedian.

Love him.

So it was heart-wrenching when this little guy was crawling around outside one sunny afternoon while I was unloading groceries, and he decided to follow me into the house.

He climbed up to do battle with the metal threshold of our front door...

the threshold won.

I was so upset that he was so hurt and upset that Savannah kept trying to make me feel better!

It was so cute.

She tried to make me smile by asking about "grafatee-tee".

The day before she had been telling the boys all about "grafatee-tee" which she had learned about in a book she read.

Hubby and I had busted out into full-belly laughing.

She meant graffiti.

Anyway, Jack-Jack's hand is healing wonderfully and it doesn't bother him anymore so he's back to crawling around like a maniac.

We just keep it bandaged to stay clean while it heals.

On top of all that, Jackson has decided he likes the idea of walking.


So here are Jackson's first steps!

He's 10 months old. Not my earliest walker, but close.

(On a side note, Savannah and I were messing around with the video clips and this was the result. Don't blame me! Savannah is a very touchy-feely person and wanted it to be "cute". I was trying to get "500 Miles" as the background music.)

(Sorry to those who tried to watch before. Video is fixed!)

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Terri said...

Aww... I can't watch the video. It says it is private. :(

Sarah said...

I can't see the video either, but the idea of any of my babies walkint at 10 months makes me want to cry. :) All joking aside though, that baby is SOOOOOOOOO Cute!!!!!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Ooops! Sorry about that! FIXED!!!

Raelyn said...

If memory serves me--and I am pretty certain it is right now!!--my niece "Opal" began walking at 10 months old.... She just wanted so badly to keep up with her 2 1/2-year old big sister, "Amethyst"!! Now? "Opal" will be one year old in less than a month!! I feel somewhat sorry for her, though. "Opal" may be able to walk {And seldom ever falls!!} but she still puts everything in her mouth!! So when "Opal" wants to mold together Play-Doh like "Amethyst"? She can't. Not yet!! When "Opal" wants to color with crayons like "Amethyst"? She can't. Not yet!! Because "Opal" will try to eat the Play-Doh and crayons!! ;)
Jack-Jack's hand!! Ouch!! :-(
Well, I need to continue work on my October fictional children's book!! I think Writer's Block has left now.... ;-D
Love you later, Raelyn
PS. Sorry I have been absent from reading/commenting on your Blog.... ;-/

Sarah said...

Awwwwwww! He really is SO adorable! Fun video :) Too young for walking, Jackson!:)

Rachel Ward said...

Okay, the EXACT same thing happened to me! It was a few years ago, but we were on our way out the door for church, and I knew how hot that metal got. My husband was in the doorway and the baby was making a beeline. I yelled not to let him go out the door because it was hot, and my husband was like, "he's fine" and I couldn't get there fast enough. Sure enough, he crawled across and ended up with 2nd degree burns up his arm. I was FURIOUS at my husband, and he felt so guilty that he was the one who took the baby to instacare. There needs to be some kind of childproofing thing for that. Because there is for everything else.

Marcie said...

Wow! I never knew it could get that hot! What did you do? Was your hubby home? I want the whole story! You always have such good stories. Glad he's doing well and it doesn't bother him to crawl around. Congrats on the walking. I LOVE it when my babies walk early. Samuel isn't going to be one of them though. He just turned 11 months yesterday and doesn't even stand much yet.

Heidi D said...

That poor little hand looks so sore :( My youngest started walking at 11 months. I think it was just so that she could escape her brother but still have her hands free to take the toy she wanted too, she couldn't crawl & carry the toy :)

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